Padre Island National Seashore, Texas, USA

After 3 very fun days in San Antonio, we made the 2-hour drive down to Corpus Christi Texas so we could visit Padre Island National Seashore. The traffic leaving San Antonio was pretty heavy, but before we knew it we were out on the open road of Texas, actually it was Highway 37. The drive was pleasant and there were not a lot of cars on the road. One thing I really enjoy doing when traveling is driving on an open freeway in a place I have never visited before.

After driving about two hours, we arrived to our Hotel and stayed for the night. We were so stuffed from the late lunch we had a Lulu’s earlier with the 3 pound cinnamon roll that we weren’t hungry at all for dinner, so we watched TV and went to sleep.

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Hotel Feature: Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk

When traveling, your choice of hotel accommodations can potentially make or break your vacation, so our motto is to always choose wisely. This entails reading reviews on Expedia and Tripadvisor prior to booking. If the hotel does not have at least a 4 star or higher, we pass on it and move on to the next hotel. Although good reviews do not always guarantee that you will have a great visit too, it does radically increase the chances of having a good experience.

The Drury Plaza Hotel Riverwalk in San Antonio had several very good reviews, but did our hotel experience at Drury match up to the reviews and more importantly, did it match up to our expectations?

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San Antonio Texas: Day 3 of 3

We woke up to another fun day in San Antonio Texas, sadly we checked out of our Hotel at the Drury Plaza Hotel, it was one of the best hotels we have stayed at on a trip, so it was difficult to leave.  Thankfully that feeling was shortlived as we had a fun day ahead of us.  First, we visited the Doseum ( a “do it” museum for children), then we stopped at the famous Lulu’s Restaurant with the 3-pound cinnamon roll, and lastly we left San Antonio to travel to Corpus Christi Texas.

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San Antonio Texas: Day 2 of 3

We woke up Monday morning, which was our second of three days in San Antonio. We first ate a nice large breakfast at the free breakfast buffet in the hotel. We returned to the room, got ready pretty quickly and we were out the door. We had a lot on the agenda; we had a museum to visit, a famous BBQ joint for lunch a riverwalk cruise to take, and a very yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner!

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San Antonio Texas: Day 1 of 3

After a fun day of flying, eating some of very delicious ramen, playing in Zilker Park, and commuting from Austin to San Antonio, we slept it off well that night, woke up energized in the morning and ready to go out and have fun in San Antonio! We first woke up and experienced our first premium breakfast buffet included at no extra cost in our hotel. After breakfast we went west of our hotel to the San Fernando Cathedral.

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Is Texas a Kid-Friendly Travel Destination?

We just returned from a family vacation with our 9 and 7 year old daughters in Texas! More specifically San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Austin. Did our kids enjoy it? Or did they hate the whole Texas experience? Was there anything fun for them to do in Texas? Should you take your children on a Texas Vacation? I will answer all these questions throughout this post. Consider this a mini Texas Vacation Guide for kids!!!!

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