Europe: Should I Visit Only One Country or Multiple Countries

Recently my family and I visited Western Europe.  The trip was a great experience that will never be forgotten.  Originally we were only going to visit England where we could tour London in detail, and visit areas outside of London such as Bath, Stonehenge, and many other places.

Well, we changed our plans and decided to visit England, France, and Spain.  More specifically we visited London, Paris, and Barcelona.  It was amazing to visit each country and city, and to take in the culture, eat the local foods, and see the sights in each.  All three of the countries are significantly different from each other.  It’s amazing what crossing a border can do.

Although I am satisfied by the vacation as a whole, I did take note of some advantages and disadvantages of staying in one country, versus traveling to multiple countries.


Going to Europe? Visit this place first

With so many countries, so many languages spoken, so many diverse cultures, and an endless amount of different ethnic foods, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which countries to visit on your first trip to Europe.  Let me offer you a suggestion:  United Kingdom, aka England.  Now, why would I choose this as the first place to visit in Europe?  There are a few reasons, the first one is obvious: