Paris France: The Eiffel Tower – Is it overrated?

Often times, world famous sights are overrated.  The sights can be dirty, crime-ridden, ghetto, insanely crowded with tourists speaking a million different languages, expensive….you get the drift.  A couple of sights that fall into this overrated category are “The Hollywood Walk of Fame”and New York’s “Times Square.”

Does the Eiffel Tower fall into this category?


35 Worst Countries to Visit?

I noticed this headline on My Yahoo home page and couldn’t help but click on it and read.  I tend to take this type of “don’t travel here, don’t go there” advice with a grain of salt.  It seems our media here in the USA is always trying to scare us when it comes to the world outside of the USA,


Why Everyone Should Keep a Current Passport, Even if You Never Plan on Leaving the Country….

According to the US Census, in the year 2016 about 36% of Americans keep a current passport.  Believe it or not, that number is higher than in past years. This means that 64% of Americans did NOT keep a current passport in 2016.  This means that 64% of Americans could not fly to Canada or Mexico and were virtually stuck within the 50 states and the US territories.