United Airlines Denies Boarding to…………a peacock!

Wow!  I couldn’t stop laughing when I first read this.  Apparently a woman tried to bring a peacock on board a United Airlines flight in Newark, NJ Airport(EWR) this week and of course United denied boarding to the animal.  The woman even bought two tickets, one for herself and one for her peacock who would be sitting in the aisle seat.

My reaction: I would like to see how much money this woman has, if she has a lot of dough, I will conclude that she was looking for attention and was willing to blow money on airline tickets she never intended to use, and she got it!

Peacocks are mean animals, they squeal, they chase, and they bite.  Can you imagine this animal on a plane in the aisle seat?  Who knows, maybe this would be good payback against the typical rude United flight attendants.  I feel sorry for the passenger sitting in front of the peacock, don’t even think of leaning your seat back……………….

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