Midway Ice Castles in Utah – A Magical Experience

Winter time in Utah is amazing, even if you hate skiing. First, there is the Christmas season where you can see the Christmas lights at Temple Square in Downtown Salt Lake City. There are also various things to do and see during the Holiday Season, and many believe that once the holidays are over, that the rest of winter is just something to endure until spring. Once the Christmas lights come down, the magic begins up in Midway Utah with their majestic Ice Castles.


Mexico: Pork Carnitas

If you were to ask me my favorite food, depending on my mood, I might answer sushi, but I would most likely answer Mexican Food! I love Mexican food, and I especially love any Mexican Dish with Carnitas. Carnitas are good in tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and even with Mexican rice and refried beans. It’s basically Mexican flavored pulled pork. I used to head over to my local family owned Mexican Food stand to buy a Carnitas burrito, but now I make my own carnitas. If you think Carnitas are difficult to make, you are in for a surprise.

Carnitas are actually pretty easy to make, you just have to start early them early in the day and allow them to cook slowly for 5 hours. Set them and forget them, that is until 4 1/2 hours later.


Salt Lake City UT USA: Restaurants: The Pie Pizzeria

If you are like most people, you probably either like or love pizza. For many people it’s their favorite food. For most kids, it is their favorite dish. I know it was my favorite from my childhood probably up to my late teenage years. Pizza for dinner was always more than welcome to me. I can remember going through some pretty tough days during high school and then having pizza for dinner and it redeemed the whole day for me.