35 Worst Countries to Visit?

I noticed this headline on My Yahoo home page and couldn’t help but click on it and read.  I tend to take this type of “don’t travel here, don’t go there” advice with a grain of salt.  It seems our media here in the USA is always trying to scare us when it comes to the world outside of the USA,

so much to the point there are some who think once they step off the plane in a foreign country that everybody there will pick-pocket them, kidnap them, rape them, shoot them, behead them, and cook them up and eat them for dinner.

It’s simply not the case 99.9 percent of the time.  Most countries outside the USA are actually safer than most US cities.

On this list, there are 4 countries that are on my list to visit, and there are 2 countries that I have already visited.  Click on the picture below to visit this list courtesy of the True Activist:

35 Worst Countries To Visit – Avoid Traveling Here No Matter What

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