Barcelona Spain: Casa Milá & Casa Batlló

Barcelona is a city of art.  It is unlike anything else you will ever encounter in your travels.  Thanks to the works of Antoni Gaudí, we have one of the most original looking Cathedrals; La Sagrada Familia.  Antoni has additional Masterpieces in Barcelona that are worth visiting.  Two of them are houses, which are now museums called Casa Batlló and Casa Milá (also known as La Pedrera).  They are not far from each other, so you can easily visit of them in one afternoon.  They are both buildings with some very unusual architecture and some rich history.  It takes about 1 to 2 hours to tour each building.  These are some very popular landmarks, so if you are visiting Barcelona and you want to visit these houses, be sure to book in advance as they can sell out, especially during peak season.  You can book these through Expedia’s “Things to do”, the Viator, and many other booking sights including local ones in Spain.  The tickets are fairly inexpensive, so it certainly should not break the bank.

La Casa Milá features unusual shapes and turns on the outside of the building with a courtyard on top, balconies with strangely shaped iron balcony walls, and originally designed furniture inside the house.


Barcelona Spain: La Sagrada Familia

Some of the best tourist attractions to visit in Europe are old Cathedrals.  This is especially true in Barcelona Spain, the home of the one of the most unique and beautiful Cathedrals in the world.  You will have a hard time finding any cathedral as original as La Sagrada Familia and you will certainly not find a cathedral that’s taller than La Sagrada Familia as it is the tallest Cathedral in the world.


Europe: Barcelona Spain

During our European vacation this last summer, we visited London, Paris, and…………………BARCELONA.  I love Spain.  It’s my 2nd home as I lived there during a time I served a mission for my church.  Other than the fact I carried a residential Visa at one time and became very accustomed to the culture, there are many reasons I love Spain.


Paris France: Odd Eats! SNAILS

Most of the food in France is pretty down to earth and not too unusual, however, it’s not hard to find restaurants that serve food that may come across as unusual, strange, or downright disgusting to some people.  One of the most famous “odd eats” in France is Escargot, or to be politically incorrect “snails”.


Paris France: The Simple Things

When traveling overseas, it’s easy to get so caught up in busy schedules we set for ourselves in order to visit as many tourist attractions as possible that sometimes we forget to take a moment to take a break and breathe.  It’s good to spend a couple of hours doing simple activities such as taking a walk through a park, taking a boat ride on the river, or simply letting the kids run around in an open space.

We took a few such breaks while we were in Paris:

We let the kids run and chase birds in a park adjacent to the Eiffel Tower.


Paris France: The Palace of Versailles

If you are in Paris and you only have time to visit one tourist attraction, be sure to visit The Palace of Versailles.  This tourist attraction is by far the best and most interesting place to visit in Paris, yes, even more than the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre.  The Palace of Versailles has everything you look for in a tourist attraction.  Do you like art?  They have plenty of paintings and sculptures throughout.   Do you like authentic baroque architecture?  They have that.  Do you like cathedrals?  They have that. Do you like gardens?  They have that as well.


Paris France: The Louvre

The Louvre Art Museum is undoubtedly one of the most famous art museums in the world and one of the most famous landmarks in Paris.  In fact when most people think of Paris, two landmarks likely come to mind; the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre.  The Louvre is a very popular tourist definition, it’s very crowded, and it’s very large,  but it’s also very beautiful and very much worth it to visit.


Paris France: Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame Cathedral is another must-see destination on your trip to Paris.  The cathedral is over 850 years old and features gothic architecture and rose stained-glass windows.  Where else can you visit a church that is almost a millennium old?  As with visiting lots of other European Cathedrals, being inside the Notre Dame Cathedral takes you back hundreds of years and once you enter, it’s hard to leave!


Paris France: The Eiffel Tower – Is it overrated?

Often times, world famous sights are overrated.  The sights can be dirty, crime-ridden, ghetto, insanely crowded with tourists speaking a million different languages, expensive….you get the drift.  A couple of sights that fall into this overrated category are “The Hollywood Walk of Fame”and New York’s “Times Square.”

Does the Eiffel Tower fall into this category?