Barcelona Spain: Monjuïc

Monjuïc is one of the funner sights in Spain to visit, especially if you have children with you.  Let’s face it, the Cathedrals are awesome, but when your kids protest saying “I don’t want to see another church!” still take them to the cathedrals, but then take them to Monjuïc!  Olympic park from the 1992 Summer Olympics is in this area, and if you go up high enough, you get a priceless view of the city of Barcelona and the Mediterranean Sea!

What more?  You get to take a cable car all the way up!  Since we were in a time crunch, we only went to the top where there is a fortress that at one time was used as defense against any sea attacks during war.  Now this fortress is a tourist destination and the cannons are still intact.  This is where you get the million dollar view of the city and the sea.

A few things to take note of if you plan to visit this destination:

  • if you go up during the summer, bring plenty of water as it is hot and humid, and there is lots of walking
  • this place is very large, so it won’t sell out, so feel free to buy tickets at the ticket booth, no need to book in advance
  • bring a camera as there are lots of photo opportunities
  • if you are bringing children, keep a good eye on them, some of the balcony walls are relatively low with sheer drop-offs

Below are some photos from our visit to Monjuïc:

Mediterranean Sea

Barcelona and my daugther

My Daughters on the Cable Car

View of Barcelona from the Cable Car

Our family on the cable car

Castillo Monjuic

Barcelona Skyline

Barcelona Seaport

Castillo Monjuic



Our family on top of the fortress

The Mediterranean Sea and I

My wife, the Mediterranean Sea, and palm trees




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    • joshf76

      Thanks for checking it out. Most restaurants are bars, but families eat at them all the time. We stayed in an Airbnb room near the beach and there were quite a variety of restaurants/bars, and even Chinese and Japanese eateries (with sushi). When we were in Barcelona, we went to mostly fast food. They have some American fast food chains such as McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, and KFC. They also have some European fast foods such as Pans and Company, which was one of our favorite.

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