Barcelona Spain: The Food

Anyone who has ever visited Spain would agree that this country has some of the best food in the world.  Spanish food is very flavorful, but not spicy.  It includes dishes such as paella (sea food paellas and meat paellas for example), cocido (stew with meats and sausages including blood

sausage), tortilla de patata (onion and potato omelette), pan con tomate (toasted bread with spread tomato, garlic, and olive oil….a popular tapa in Barcelona), and many types of tapas (Spanish Appetizers that are small, usually multiple tapas can consist of one meal).


Spanish food does include the unusual and bizarre as well:


First off there is morcilla (blood sausage), which is a mixture of pig blood, onions, rice, and spices.  These are added to stews such as cocido and they are also eaten on sandwiches.  Many foreigners from outside of Spain have trouble eating Morcilla.  It has a texture of pudding with chunks of rice, onion, and blood clot.  It’s extremely irony and very rich.  Even if you learn to like morcilla as I have learned to like it, you can only eat so much before your stomach is overwhelmed by it’s richness.


Then there’s Jamon Serrano or Jamon Iberico. This is a cured ham that is cured and aged from 2 to 3 years.  Click here to see the exact curing process.  Once the complicated curing process is over and the ham has been cured for a couple years or more, the ham is ready to eat.  Most foreigners LOVE jamon serrano.  You will have a hard time finding anyone who doesn’t.  It’s like eating candy.  It’s clean, pure, and has a hint of sweetness, but still has the cured flavor of ham.  Aside from that it’s really hard to describe how it tastes.

If you ever want to go on a culinary adventure with food and dishes that never disappoint, consider adding Spain to your itinerary.  It will be some of the best food you have ever eaten and when you return home you will be looking up Spanish recipes only to find that they never taste as good as they do in Spain.

Seafood Paella

Pan con Tomate & calamari

Morcilla (blood sausage)

Jamon Serrano

All of us eating jamon serrano

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