Cancun: Unlimited Free Food and Drinks at Your Hotel?

After we returned from Cancun, one of our friends asked us: What is the cheapest hotel by the beach in Cancun?  Our answer of course was “it depends”.  Hotel prices change all the time.  One day on, a 4 star hotel might be cheaper than a 2 star hotel.  The next day, that same hotel could be the most expensive hotel.  Hotel prices change all the time, and really, there is far more research to do on your potential hotel than just the price:  What comes with the hotel?  Do you have to pay to rent a beach chair?  Are you charged for beach towels?  Are you charged for bottled water (that’s the only water that’s safe to drink in Cancun, sorry)?, how much does the food cost?  Do you have to pay extra for to have your bed sheets changed (I’m not kidding)?

A so-called cheap hotel on the beach in Cancun can end up costing you a lot more in many other ways.  Most people I know who have visited Cancun swear by the “All Inclusive Hotel”.  All Inclusive means that everything is included in the daily fee for your hotel.  I mean everything: free beach chairs, unlimited free food and free meals, unlimited free drinks (alcoholic drinks included for those who drink), free room service, free shows, highly discounted excursions etc etc.  The wait staff and hotel workers do appreciate tips of 1 dollar or 20 pesos. they take either.

You pay more per night for the hotel, but trust me, I have spoken with people who did not go all inclusive, and they spent well over $100 per day on meals and other costs, and they were completely unprepared financially to pay that much.  All Inclusive Hotels will save you money and there are no surprises.  If you are concerned that the quality of service or the quality of the food will diminish in an all inclusive hotel, trust me, it will not diminish.

Here are some examples of food at an all inclusive hotel:



Fish marinated in a Mayan Red Chile Sauce


Marinated Steak


Tasty Mexican Food from the buffet


Daily Breakfast Buffet with fruit, chilaquiles, beans, eggs, pan con chorizo (yum)


Would you like to eat all these foods for free?  I haven’t even scratched the surface with all the choices.  On top of the food, the service from the staff is beyond exceptional, better than I have seen even in the states.

So, if you make the right choice to visit Cancun, go all inclusive!  Google “Cancun all inclusive” or visit one of the major travel booking sights to find deals.

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