Cancun Mexico: Days 1-3

When you go to Cancun, you usually go for one primary reason and one secondary reason. The primary reason is of course; relaxing. The secondary reason of course is sightseeing, and there are plenty of opportunities for that too. Now don’t get me wrong, some people go to Cancun and primarily go sightseeing and then only spend a small amount of their time at the beach.

So, what did we do our first 3 days in Cancun? We relaxed on the beach and at the pool. Being that we were in an all-inclusive resort, we also ate and gained some weight. What else can you do when you have access to 2 pools that each have their own all-you-can-eat buffet that’s already included in the cost of your room stay?


We upgraded to an Ocean-view room, so when we woke up each morning, we opened the shades of our hotel room and the sun shown in as well as a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea. We all woke up on our first morning, excited to first visit Las Fuentes buffet in our neighboring sister hotel. I remembered this place from my visit to Cancun two days prior. Breakfasts were mostly Mexican and American Cuisine, which consisted of fruits, cereals (hot or cold), pancakes, scrambled eggs, waffles, chilaquiles, re fried beans, potatoes, yogurts, a salsa bar, juices, and so much more. Because the food was s good and because there was so much of it, we often stuffed ourselves.

After breakfast we made our way back to our hotel room, where we brushed our teeth, changed into our swim suits and swim trunks, and headed to either our hotel pool, or our neighboring hotel’s pool, we had access to both. We spent a good part of the morning at the pool, and a good part of the afternoon at the beach.


When we were hungry (or more accurately, when we were no longer feeling stuffed from breakfast), we picked up food at the poolside buffet. They had a Sushi station, a build-your-own pizza station, burgers, hot dogs, nachos, several side dishes including salad, beans, corn, guacamole and more. A couple of the days we ate lunch in one of the couple of outside open air restaurants. One of our favorite was Bogavante, which was an elevated restaurant right on the beach. There we ate some delicious cuisine.

Once we finished eating, we would go down to the beach to swim, play, build sand castles, go on walks, and dodge waves.

The beaches in Cancun are amazing. I have visited several beaches throughout the world, and so far I have not seen a more beautiful beach than a Cancun beach. I have visited beaches in California, Oregon, Washington, South Carolina, Florida, Puerto Rico, Spain, the Crimea, and no beach compares to beaches in Cancun on the Hotel Zone. Do you like clear water? Cancun has that. Do you like white sand? Cancun has that. Do you like the blue-turquoise color of the water? Cancun’s beaches are this color. Do you like waves? Cancun has them depending on the season you visit. Do you like warm beach water? Cancun has that, and all-year-round. I grew up in northern California, but I spent some of that time in So-Cal, and even down their the beaches have cold water. I thought it was just normal for oceans to be cold until I visited other beaches around the world.


After the sun went down a little after 6pm, we went in to our hotel room, we showered and cleaned ourselves up. We then changes into casual clothes or even semi-formal-casual clothing depending on our activities for the night. On Sunday night we ate at an upscale dining restaurant in our own hotel called Veneto. We dressed semi-formal-casual as that was the required dress code for that restaurant. They were doing Italian night, so we were excited to sample Mexico-s interpretation of Italian Food. The dishes were delicious as you can see below. We had some seafood and steak. The kids ate typical kids meals.

On Monday evening was Mexican night at the Las Fuentes buffet, where they had all sorts of different Mexican food from different regions of Mexico, they even had a Mole Bar.


After a great Mexican dinner at the Buffet, we went to the live theatre “El Teatro Tihuacan” and saw “The Mexicans” show. It was a cultural display of the different regions of Mexico through dancing, playing musical instruments, singing, and some theatrical humor. We watched this same show a couple of years prior when we visited, and this is by far my favorite show.


On Tuesday night they had Disney night/Star Wars night, and superhero night at the Theatre where the performers dressed up as well-known superheroes, Star Wars characters, and the ladies dressed up as your favorite Disney Princess. This performance was also done through singing, dancing, and some acrobatics.


Once we were finished with all the activities of the night, we went back to the hotel room and got ready for bed. We had the TV on in the background playing some well-known cartoons in Spanish, and even some in English. This made the kids happy. After we were into our pajamas, we put the kids to bed, and most nights my wife and I also went to sleep pretty early unlike our trip two years prior when we came without the kids and we stayed up late every night.

During one of the nights we had a huge thunderstorm and I went out and took video footage before it started raining. I got in one huge lighting bolt that lit up the whole sky and lit up sea as well. I hope nobody was in the water during this time, I think a good ten square miles of the water was electrified. Despite the heavy downpours and increased humidity that took place during the week we were in Cancun, it was pretty nice to be able to capture this video footage.

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