Cancun Mexico: Last 3 days and a Lesson Learned

We went on our excursion to the Mayan villages on Wednesday October 17th and we returned fairly late at night. The last 3 days in Cancun went by extremely fast. We spent those days around the pool and at the beach relaxing. We had completed the Hotel Review, the excursion and lots of picture taking, and we were excited to completely relax without any duties or worries.

So, when you are at the beach and you have a few pools to choose from, a gorgeous beach, unlimited food and drinks, what could possibly go wrong in such a tropical paradise?

Lesson Learned

Well, let’s see if you can figure out what could go wrong in a tropical paradise. The tropics are very green and pretty humid to extremely humid depending on the time of year you go, it’s October, the tail-end of hurricane season in the Caribbean. Cancun is in the western Caribbean………..What could possibly go wrong?

If you are guessing we had a hurricane, you are incorrect……but you’re close! Thursday and Friday were pretty much non-stop tropical storms with very heavy rain and some heavy winds at time. More than once a day we had to grab our belongings and seek for shelter for upwards of an hour at a time until the storm passed or we would be soaking wet from top to bottom after 15 seconds in the rain, that’s how hard it rained. Although the storm didn’t damper our spirits much, it was a bummer to have to spend time indoors when we came on this vacation to be outside.


So, what was the lesson learned? After speaking to a local who grew up in the area, there are good times to visit Cancun and not so good of times to visit Cancun. Not surprisingly, the good times to visit Cancun are also the most crowded and most expensive times to go.

The Best Time of Year to Visit Cancun

The best months to visit Cancun are November through April. The worst months to visit are May through October. Why are they the worst months?

Hottest and Most Humid

According to the local, Cancun gets unbearably hot during these months, on top of that, they are the wettest months of the year. So imagine daytime highs in the mid to upper 90s with really high humidity everyday. The beaches are fairly empty this time of year as well as the hotels. So, if you are looking for a bargain in Cancun, it would be in the summer time.

If you are saying to yourself that you love the heat and would love to take the bargain, keep reading…. You may change your mind.

Seaweed, Seaweed, and more Seaweed

Does seaweed bother you? Probably not that much, right? How about a whole bunch of seaweed? We learned something new on this trip, lots of seaweed can smell really bad. When we would walk outside of our hotel room in the morning, sometimes the smell of the seaweed became overwhelming. When the sea breeze would hit in the afternoon, the smell would go away, thank goodness.

If you look at the photos below, all those brown and dark spots in the water and on the sand are seaweed washing up with the waves. Cancun has seaweed problems every year, but apparently 2018 was one of the worst years in a long time. The Mexican Government is blaming the excess seaweed on global climate change. When I suggested that to the local, he laughed and told me that it was all the hurricane activity in the eastern Caribbean pushing all the seaweed to shore. Who would you believe?…………….

Scaled Down Hotel Service

Don’t get me wrong, most of the all-inclusive hotels in Cancun offer excellent service most of the year, but in order to stay afloat and stay profitable during the off-peak season, they have to scale back some of the services. Usually it will be the variety of food and dishes they offer that tend to go down a little. You will still get great food and great service, but you just won’t have all the choices you would have during peak season. One example in our hotel is that they have more food theme choices during Peak Season. When Irina and I visited Cancun during peak season two years ago, they offered more themed food nights such as French night and Brazilian night in the restaurants. Those two themes are not offered during off-peak season. It didn’t bother us at all as the food they did have was still very good, but it is something to keep in mind.

So, as you know by now, we visited Cancun in October, the last month of off-peak season. Two years ago, we visited in November, the first month of peak season. You are probably thinking there was not much of a difference between the two months, but if you make that assumption, you would be wrong. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time in Cancun with the kids, but my wife and I noticed that it was very noticeably hotter and more humid in October than it was in November. The highs were between 88 and 92 each day, where when we came in November it was between 80 and 85 and with lower humidity too. It rained a lot more in October, and there was a lot more seaweed. The local confirmed with me that November is a lot more comfortable than October pretty much every year with not much variance.

As an example, see the first picture in October and the amount of seaweed on the beach and compare that with the 2nd photo taken in November.



So, that was our lesson learned on this trip. We decided that the next time we go to Cancun, it will be between November and March (not April because that is Spring Break). It will cost more, but it is much more enjoyable when you’re not sweating bullets the moment you step outside the hotel room.

Sorry, if I come across as a downer. We had a wonderful time, but I wanted to emphasize that there are better times of year to go to Cancun and enjoy it for what it really is: A relaxing, beautiful, and tropical beach paradise.

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      Thanks June! Overall it was a very nice and relaxing get-away. We will be sure to visit some time between November and March next time to maximize on the great weather.

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