Cancun Mexico: More Than Just Beaches

Cancun is one of the most underrated destinations.  It really does not get enough credit.  If everyone knew how great a vacation spot it is, everybody would be lining up at the post office to apply for passports so they could visit this place.

Cancun is more than just beaches, and believe me, there are no beaches anywhere in the US of A as nice as Cancun beaches.  Florida can’t even compete.  Southern California certainly can’t compete.  Even Hawaiian beaches fall short.  The picture below is taken with a cheap smartphone camera.  The water is clear, light blue, and warm.


Compare that with Cocoa Beach, Florida (taken with the same smartphone camera (see below)……


Also, compare it with Oceanside, California (see below) (also taken with the same smartphone camera)……….I rest my case.

On top of the beaches, there is so much more to Cancun.  The level of service you receive from the Hotels is beyond amazing.  The food is out-of-this-world delicious, and it’s free if you get an “All-Inclusive Hotel (more on that later).  Do you like fancily designed food from a talented chef?  A dish like this in France could cost you big time:


The excursions to the Mayan villages and ruins are an unforgettable experience.  The cultural experiences from the live shows in the Hotel are definitely worth sacrificing that evening stroll on the beach.

If you are hesitant to travel to Mexico because some nutcase on TV told you not to go because the Drug Cartels will kidnap you from your hotel room, don’t listen to them.  Cancun has more visitors from other countries around the world than they do from the USA, and I blame it on the fear so many Americans have of traveling outside the country. As I stated in a previous blog post, Mexico is the best, first foreign country to visit.  Go there for a week, and you will see why.

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