Cancun, Mexico: See the Shows!

Do you normally watch the live shows in your Hotel?  If you are anything like me, you probably do not.  When you travel, you often want to do other activities.  If you’re in the big city, you probably want to go sightseeing at night.  If you’re on the beach, you probably want to take a night time stroll up the beach barefoot while the moon rises over the horizon.  Let’s be honest, if your hotel offers a live show, concert, or stand-up comedian, there are likely other more interesting activities to do, unless you’re in Las Vegas……or……CANCUN!

Spend as much time at the beach during the day as possible, so you can see the live shows at night.  Believe me, they are worth it!  They will usually have performances displaying Mexico’s history and culture.  The performances consist of music, song, dance, and some humor.  We went to such a performance at the end of our second day in Cancun, below are some clips of the performances we watched.  This performance was called “The Mexican” and it was performed at the Royal Solaris Hotel on November 7, 2016.

At our hotel and at most Hotels in Cancun, there are similar performances.  The other nights they had other performances, such Disney Night, Moulin Rouge, and others.  If you really not interested in going to shows, just do yourself a favor and only go to one show, but make sure it’s a live show displaying Mexican Culture.  You really need to take in the culture when you visit Mexico, and really at any foreign country you visit.

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