Cancun with Kids?

My wife and I were under the impression that Cancun was a place primarily for adults and young adults.  There is lots of alcohol, clubs such as Coco Bongo and many others, swimming pool bars, etc etc etc.  No doubt, Cancun is perfect for the adults and young adults, perfect for spring break, and a perfect place for working adults to chill out for a week.  After staying in Cancun for a week, my wife and I began to notice all the fun activities for children.  If you decide to visit Cancun with kids, they will have fun activities to do for sure.

Most of the Hotels have a kids’ section with a pool. The hotel we visited; the Royal Solaris Resort, has a kids’ pool and club.  You can drop them off there for a couple hours at a time as the club and pool are supervised.

Kids’ pool at the Royal Solaris

Many of the hotels put on kid-friendly shows in the evening.  Our hotel had a Disney night, many of the Disney shows and songs were performed in Spanish although some in English.  It was interesting for us to see their way of portraying and performing Disney pieces in Mexico versus the United States.  The little ones that were in the theatre watching this show really enjoyed seeing their favorite Disney characters dancing and singing their favorite Disney songs in Spanish.

On top of the kids’ swimming pools, clubs, and performances, your young ones will love playing on the beach.  The sand is soft and white on Cancun beaches and is perfect for building sand castles.  There is also a water park with water slides if you are looking to take your children off hotel premises.  So, should you go to Cancun with kids?  YES!!!

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