Washington DC USA – Things To Do and See

You probably already have an idea of things you want to do on your next visit to Washington DC, but like a lot of people maybe you don’t have enough activities to fill up all your days, or maybe you have the opposite problem.  Maybe you are visiting Washington DC for only a 3 full days and you have too many ideas of things to see and you want to narrow them down a little bit.  So what sites should you visit if you are there only a few days?  Or what is a long list of places that are worth seeing if I’m in DC for a week or more?


Washington DC Metro

Should I rent a car, should I hire an Uber Driver?  Should I take the Metro?  Those are common questions travelers ask themselves before visiting a place such as Washington DC.  There are no wrong answers, it really depends on what you are comfortable with.


Washington DC Hotel Recommendation

If you are planning to visit Washington DC soon, you have a ton of options as far as hotel accommodations.  You can get a standard hotel room, an Airbnb room, or a nice Suite!  You can stay in a hotel near the Mall of America and all the sights and spend an enormous amount of money, or you can do what my wife and I did and stay at a very nice Hotel further out from downtown DC and save a lot of money.


United Airlines Denies Boarding to…………a peacock!

Wow!  I couldn’t stop laughing when I first read this.  Apparently a woman tried to bring a peacock on board a United Airlines flight in Newark, NJ Airport(EWR) this week and of course United denied boarding to the animal.  The woman even bought two tickets, one for herself and one for her peacock who would be sitting in the aisle seat.

My reaction: I would like to see how much money this woman has, if she has a lot of dough, I will conclude that she was looking for attention and was willing to blow money on airline tickets she never intended to use, and she got it!

Peacocks are mean animals, they squeal, they chase, and they bite.  Can you imagine this animal on a plane in the aisle seat?  Who knows, maybe this would be good payback against the typical rude United flight attendants.  I feel sorry for the passenger sitting in front of the peacock, don’t even think of leaning your seat back……………….

Read the story here


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA: Wild Animals

When most people hear the name “Yellowstone National Park”, the first word that comes to their mind is “geysers”, the second words that comes to their mind are “wild animal”, and lots of them.  The most common animals to see roaming around are bison.  If you are lucky (or unlucky depending on the circumstances), you may get to see a bear wandering around.  Some have seen wolves, moose, and deer as well.  The animals are a sight to behold and they are very interesting to watch and observe………………….from your car.  These animals are cute, they’re big, and they’re dangerous.  Bison are not gentle giants, they can become very aggressive.  Bears? Don’t ever approach a bear and always bring bear spray just in case one charges at you.  Wolves?  Yes, they look like your pet dog, but don’t just don’t approach them or try to pet them.  Do take pictures and videos of them……FROM the safety of your car!

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA: The Geysers

When most people hear the name “Yellowstone National Park”, the first word that comes to their mind is “geysers”, and for good reason.  Yellowstone National Park has approximately 500 geysers throughout the park.  Obviously we can’t cover all of them in 1 post, and most likely you will not be able to visit all of them in a single visit, probably not even in 10 visits.  So I will share with you the geysers we visited along with their pictures and you can decide if you want to visit these geysers or visit other geysers:


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

Yellowstone National Park in my opinion is one of the most amazing places you can visit in America.  It has geysers, rivers, unusual rock structures, wandering large animals, and an unparalleled beauty that is hard to find anywhere else.  Yellowstone is a nature lover’s paradise and a hiker’s wonderland.  Are you a photographer?  Believe me there are plenty of sights here for you to take professional photographs.  People from all over the world flock to this National Park because you just can’t find anything like it anywhere else. (more…)

Salt Lake City, Utah: A Taste of Philly in SLC

Many cities across the USA have a “famous” food they are known for.  For example in New Orleans you have the Po Boy sandwich, in North Carolina you have some of the best Barbecue, in Philadelphia, you have the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

Although Salt Lake City has its famous eateries, it really doesn’t have a famous dish (maybe except jello and casseroles), but you can get a sample of flavors from around the country and around the world right here in SLC.  One of those is a taste of Philadelphia as in the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.  The best tasting Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich in Utah can be found at a restaurant known as Moochies Meatballs and More,  Moochies for short.

Moochies is a famous Salt Lake City restaurant.  In fact it was visited by none other than Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  I have visited this restaurant twice, I have eaten the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and the Atomic Meatball Sandwich.  Both sandwiches are very good!  Between the two, I prefer the Cheese Steak Sandwich, it is juicy, the meat is tender, it is very cheesy, and it’s greasy, sloppy, and delicious.  I have not visited Philadelphia yet, but this is the best Philly Cheese Steak that I have ever eaten.  The atomic meatball sandwich is good too. It’s meatballs with marinara sauce and a spicy jalapeño sauce added.  It’s also just as messy, sloppy, greasy, and delicious, but it’s also spicy!

They have a few more sandwiches, salads, and pastas that are worth looking at and trying out, so next time you are in Salt Lake City, be sure to stop by Moochies to experience the goodness for yourself and join the likes of Guy Fieri and others who have tried out and enjoyed this delicious joint!

Philly Cheese Steak

Atomic Meatball Sandwich

Atomic Meatball Sandwich (my camera doesn’t do justice)



Barcelona Spain: The Food

Anyone who has ever visited Spain would agree that this country has some of the best food in the world.  Spanish food is very flavorful, but not spicy.  It includes dishes such as paella (sea food paellas and meat paellas for example), cocido (stew with meats and sausages including blood