Europe: Barcelona Spain

During our European vacation this last summer, we visited London, Paris, and…………………BARCELONA.  I love Spain.  It’s my 2nd home as I lived there during a time I served a mission for my church.  Other than the fact I carried a residential Visa at one time and became very accustomed to the culture, there are many reasons I love Spain.

  1.  The People:  Spaniards are some of the friendliest Europeans you will meet.  They are down-to-earth, laid back, and outgoing.  They are helpful when you have questions, for example, what is the best restaurant, or best tourist attraction
  2. The Weather: The climate in Spain is a Mediterranean climate, the 3rd warmest climate after Tropical and subtropical.  You’ll feel like your in California.  Summers are warm and humid, winters are cool and rainy in northern Spain, southern Spain is drier and a relatively mild during the winter.
  3. The Food: I have traveled to quite a few countries and so far I cannot find food better than Spanish food.  I love American food here at home, but I think my love for Spanish food is a little stronger.  Spanish food consists of seafood, poultry, salads, rice dishes such as Paella, and Spanish tortilla (an omelette with egg, potato, onion, and whatever else you want to add).  When you go out to a restaurant (most restaurants are bars), tapas are the most popular.  Tapas are appetizers or snacks.  Spaniards will order a few tapas and call it a meal.  They consist of dishes such as fried squid, olives, cheese, Spanish Chorizo, jamón serrano etc etc.  Spanish dishes are so tasty that you rarely have to add salt to enhance it.
  4. Tourist Attractions: Spain doesn’t have a shortage of sightseeing opportunities.  It would likely take a lifetime to visit them all.  You have castles, old battle fortresses, museums, old Roman towns (some with the old Roman Amphitheatres), Olympic Park in Barcelona, etc etc.  If you have a chance, be sure to attend a Football (soccer) game or a bull flight.
  5. The Beaches: Spanish beaches are beautiful.  Especially in Southern Spain, but don’t discount beaches in Northern Spain.  The water temperature gets warm in the summer and stays warm through September and even into October in the south.  The water is fairly clear in Southern Spain, not quite so much in Northern.  Many beaches are lined with promenades, palm trees, and little bars and shops.  Some have a track where people jog or ride bikes.  People visit Spanish beaches from all over Europe, so you will likely hear many languages spoken.
  6. Relatively Inexpensive: Like most European countries, Spain use the Euro for their currency, but the Euro goes much further than it does in France for example.  You can buy more food and goods for less money than your would in other European countries.  We were pleasantly surprised how inexpensive it was to feed our family and visit the tourist attractions.  Obviously it’s not a Thailand or Mexico, but compared to countries such as France, Germany, or England, it is far cheaper.

So, next time you take a trip to Europe where you’ll be visiting multiple countries, be sure to add Spain to your list of places to visit.  You will not regret it.  

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