Europe: Should I Visit Only One Country or Multiple Countries

Recently my family and I visited Western Europe.  The trip was a great experience that will never be forgotten.  Originally we were only going to visit England where we could tour London in detail, and visit areas outside of London such as Bath, Stonehenge, and many other places.

Well, we changed our plans and decided to visit England, France, and Spain.  More specifically we visited London, Paris, and Barcelona.  It was amazing to visit each country and city, and to take in the culture, eat the local foods, and see the sights in each.  All three of the countries are significantly different from each other.  It’s amazing what crossing a border can do.

Although I am satisfied by the vacation as a whole, I did take note of some advantages and disadvantages of staying in one country, versus traveling to multiple countries.

Some advantages of visiting and staying in one country

  • You get to see a lot more sights
  • You get to try out more local cuisine
  • You get to take in and experience the culture more in depth
  • You can take your time at the sights you visit
  • There is less rushing around and more relaxing

Some disadvantages of visiting and staying in one country

  • You miss out on a multicultural experience
  • The trip, although enjoyable feels more monotonous than visiting multiple countries
  • At the end of your trip, you will be more curious about the neighboring countries around the country you visited
  • It will cost you more when you do decide to see other countries, because you have to pay for a whole separate trip, new airline tickets and all

Some advantages of visiting multiple countries

  • You get to experience multiple cultures in one vacation
  • You get to try out different foods
  • Everyday is guaranteed to be a new experience, no chance of boredom or monotony
  • You get to take trains between countries and see the countryside.  For example, the British and French Countrysides are beautiful
  • You will save money, because you will not have to make separate trips to visit these multiple countries

Some disadvantages of visiting multiple countries

  • You only get a little taste of each country you visit
  • You feel rushed every day in order to maximize sightseeing and tours
  • You have to say goodbye to each country during your visit which can be temporarily depressing
  • You have to pack your suitcases and drag them around multiple times between countries

As you can see, there are multiple advantages and disadvantages to each, so you need to make the choice yourself.  Your choice will likely be affected depending on how long you travel.  If you will be visiting Europe for a month or two, obviously it would be better to visit multiple countries, but if you’re only visiting for a week, one country will be your best bet.  Another factor that may be in play is whether you are traveling solo, with a loved one, or with children.  Children get bored easily, so it’s good to allow them to get some variety.

Whatever you decide to do on your European vacation, whether you decide to visit one country or visit multiple countries, I hope you enjoy your trip and create memories that will stay with you forever.

2 thoughts on “Europe: Should I Visit Only One Country or Multiple Countries

    • Josh Fulkerson

      Thank you! There are advantages and disadvantages to each. When we went to Europe, we were originally only going to visit England, but we were going to see it in depth. After deciding to add Paris and Barcelona to the mix, we did have to do only the highlights of each city/country, but when we finished the vacation, we felt far more satisfied having visited 3 completely different countries and cultures connected by a bullet train.

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