Hotel Feature: Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk

When traveling, your choice of hotel accommodations can potentially make or break your vacation, so our motto is to always choose wisely. This entails reading reviews on Expedia and Tripadvisor prior to booking. If the hotel does not have at least a 4 star or higher, we pass on it and move on to the next hotel. Although good reviews do not always guarantee that you will have a great visit too, it does radically increase the chances of having a good experience.

The Drury Plaza Hotel Riverwalk in San Antonio had several very good reviews, but did our hotel experience at Drury match up to the reviews and more importantly, did it match up to our expectations?

Video Overview

Arrival and Check-in

We arrived at the hotel late in the evening on Saturday, March 30, 2019. We pulled into the Valet garage, we removed our luggage, and let the valets take care of the car. We entered the hotel lobby with our luggage and made our way to the check-in counter. We were immediately impressed at the size of the lobby and the artistic effort that went into the lobby.

We waited in a short line to check in, when it was our turn a very friendly young lady helped us check in. She gave us our room assignment on the 16th floor, and then she spent a decent amount of time showing us the hotel map and all the amenities of the hotel. Once finished, we took our luggage to the elevators and ascended up to the 16th floor.

Our Room

Our room was not too big, but it was very clean and immaculate. It had two good size queen beds (not a double passing off as a queen like some hotels), a closet to hang clothes, and a nice bathroom. Below is a video tour of our room:

When we got up our first morning, we went straight to the 2nd floor of the hotel lobby, which is where breakfast was served. It was crowded, so we picked a far away table. Once we set our items down to reserve the table, we went to grab our food. Despite the crowds, there was plenty of food and the workers did a great job of keeping all food items stocked. I filled up my plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fried potatoes, and biscuits with gravy. My wife and the girls each got their own Texas shaped Belgian waffle.

There were plenty of juices and milk to help wash down your breakfast. There were so many breakfast foods that all three mornings we found ourselves completely stuffed. The food was very good and did not lack quality at all as sometimes free hotel breakfasts do.

Free Dinner?

Everyone who travels knows that free breakfast is a growing trend at hotels. Did you know some hotels are now serving free dinner? They usually refer to it has Happy Hour, but they have so many “snacks”, that you can easily make a meal out of it. Drury Plaza Hotel offered free drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. For snacks, they had salads, hot dogs, chicken noodle soup, a nacho/taco bar, and more. The food wasn’t super fancy, but we were so tired at the end of our first day, that an easy and light dinner sounded heavenly.

Swimming Pools

The hotel offers two swimming pools, one outdoor pool and one indoor pool, both of them with hot-tubs. Unfortunately our first three days in San Antonio were unseasonably cool and windy, so the outdoor pool didn’t work for us. The indoor pool however, is just as fun. The outdoor pool is on the roof of the hotel and the indoor pool is on the 9th floor. Both pools have great views of the city since they are both up high.

Other Cool Features

Easy Access to Riverwalk

You can go down to the basement of the hotel and there is a door that goes out to the west right into Riverwalk. From there you can walk north until you start to see shops and restaurants.

Spectacular view of the Cathedral from the 14th floor

They do a laser light show with music against the facade of the cathedral and there is no better view than from the 14th floor.

Conveniently Located near a ton of fun places

Aside from being right on Riverwalk, the Drury hotel is also close to other fun places such as The Doseum, The Alamo, Witte Museum, the Zoo, Brackenridge Park, and much more.

How does the Drury Plaza Hotel Rank with Persistent Traveler?

The overall grade we gave the Hotel is a 4.9 out of 5. Aside from our Hotel in Cancun, this is the best hotel we have stayed in and the best overall in the USA. I am sure there are better hotels if you look hard enough, but for the money, this place is a definite repeat on our next trip to San Antonio Texas. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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