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Family vacations and family adventures are always enhanced or undermined by the place where you put down your head at night and sleep. Your hotel, apartment rental, or airbnb can make or break your travel experience. As a family we have stayed at very nice 4 star hotels and we have stayed at 1 star motels with tobacco scented rooms and food crumbs in the bed sheets, and let me tell you something, we have taken nice vacations in southern California where we have stayed in cheap motels, and even though we had a great time, I just can’t shake the memory of the cheap and horrid motel room we stayed in. It almost completely overshadowed the good and positive parts of our vacation. Wherever and whenever we travel, we always make it a point to stay in decent hotels, 3 stars or higher.

In Cancun, we stayed at a beautiful 4 star Hotel called the GR Caribe by Solaris All-inclusive resort, and I will be featuring this hotel through videos, photos, and my own words.

The Best Value in Cancun

My wife and I searched high and low through the Cancun Hotel Zone, Puerto Morelos, and Playa Del Carmen looking for the best hotel for our family and we ran into a few issues. The hotels were either nice, all-inclusive, with great restaurants and a huge variety of food, but expensive at the same time OR hotel had average to poor reviews on the restaurants, with a small variety of food that tasted like it was microwaved and the prices were decent.

The GR Caribe by Solaris has great food, great restaurants, a large variety, it’s all-inclusive, which basically means that almost all the food and beverages are included with your nightly room fee. It’s a 4-star hotel with a 3 star price. Not only do you get access to the great amenities in this hotel, you also get access to the amenities at the neighboring hotel The Royal Solaris. You get access to the pools, hot tubs, gym, and restaurants all free of charge. The price? It’s a good price between the low $200s per night and low $300s per night depending on what time of year you go. Remember, that includes all your food and beverages.

Restaurants at the GR Caribe

Cafe Solaris: This restaurant is a buffet open daily for breakfast and offers Mexican and American favorites such as fresh fruits, yogurts, waffles made to order, omelets made to order, bacon, chilaquiles, and juices. Based on my review, this is the more laid back option for breakfast, not quite as busy Las Fuentes at the neighboring hotel. The only downside is the variety of food is a little bit lower. For dinner they offer international cuisine and each night has a theme.

Bogavante: This open-air restaurant is on an elevated platform overlooking the sea and serves amazing high quality international a-la-carte dishes. They are open during lunch and dinner. The themes change daily so look at the schedule during your stay. If I was to pick a favorite restaurant, it would be this one. I loved eating a delicious meal while seeing the water, hearing the sound of the waves, and feeling a light sea breeze while eating great cuisine.

Veneto: This restaurant is on the west side of the hotel and overlooks the lagoon. It’s the upscale restaurant of the GR Caribe and features international cuisine. The theme changes every night, so be sure to check the schedule. Reservations are recommended and it has a dress code.


Poolside Snack Bar: This snack bar is by the pool and serves nachos, burgers, chicken nuggets, salsa, and other snacks.

Bars: There is a bar in the lobby that serves alcoholic drinks and there is another bar out by the pool.

Restaurants at the Royal Solaris

Remember, if you stay at the GR Caribe, you get access to the restaurants at this neighboring hotel too.

Las Fuentes: This restaurant is a buffet open daily for breakfast and dinner. They feature Mexican and American breakfast cuisine including fresh fruits, yogurts, cereals, scrambled eggs, re fried beans, chilaquiles, salsa bar, made to order waffles, pancakes, and omelets, and much more. The variety is great, but it can get crowded.

Rosmarinus: This restaurant is open air and overlooks the sea. It is a buffet open for lunch and dinner that offers international cuisine. The theme changes daily, so check the schedule when you are there.

Marco Polo: This is the upscale restaurant of the Royal Solaris and it overlooks the sea on one side of the restaurant. It features upscale international cuisine and the theme changes nightly. Reservations are required and there is a dress code. Reserve your reservation at the Rosmarinus restaurant at least a day in advance during peak season.

La Palapita Sushi Bar: This is a sushi bar in the pool area. Try out their spicy soy sauce with chopped jalapeños in it. It’s spicy and so good! My kids loved this place!

Pizzalisima: This place is also near the pool and offers a variety of pizzas. You pick the toppings! My kids loved this place too!

Poolside Snack Bar: This is right by the pool and they serve burgers, hot-dogs, fries, nachos, beans, fruits, vegetables, fountain soda, and more. I enjoyed picking up lunch here some days. It’s easy and convenient.

Bars: There is a bar inside just north of Las Fuentes Buffet that serves alcoholic drinks and there is a swim up bar at the pool.

Pools and Fun

The GR Caribe features a large relaxing pool and two hot tubs, one for adults and another for families and children. There is also a miniature golf course overlooking the sea.

The Royal Solaris next door has a huge pool and you can swim under a bridge and swim to a swim-up bar. Behind the Rosmarinus Restaurant is a hot tub for families. There is a kid’s club pool and an indoor kid’s club too. If you need to take a break from the kids, the kids club is a fun place to drop them off. My kids loved it and wanted to go back!


Most live shows are done in the Teatro Tehuacan at the Royal Solaris Hotel next door. They have a smaller live shows in the lobby of the GR Caribe. Some nights you can find a man playing a trumpet.

The Beach

Of course there is the beach. No resort is a resort without the beach. The beaches feature clean white sand, but be careful during the months of August through October as there can be excessive seaweed, but all the other months it’s better. Keep the colored flags in mind. This is not the hotel’s doing, it’s the Mexican government who puts these color coded flags out. Green means it’s safe to swim in the water. Yellow means to swim with caution. Red means no swimming permitted. Sometimes the waters can be calm, and sometimes they can be ferocious. If you have a red flag day, make the best of it and build a sand castle with your kids or just relax on a beach bed.

Overall Review

The GR Caribe is a great hotel. The staff are all super-amazing and helpful. The food is great, the environment is great. Nothing is ever perfect, but sometimes they can feel close to perfect! If you want a place to stay in Cancun that will not break the bank or break your ego, GR Caribe By Solaris is the way to go. We will go there again!


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