Hotel Feature: Moab Valley Inn – Does it make the cut?

Your overnight accommodations can make or break any vacation, especially a family vacation. If you are traveling solo or with a significant other, a bad hotel can cause some inconvenience, throw children into the equation and it can turn into a vacation crisis! So when it comes to accommodations, choose wisely!

As you read the posts in this blog, you will quickly come to a realization that this blog is a family travel blog, and when we select a hotel, we choose a hotel that not only will my wife and I will enjoy, but one that our children will enjoy too. We can choose a hotel that us adults absolutely love, but if it’s winter time and the hotel only has an outdoor pool that’s open in the summer only, then the kids will be miserable, and us parents will become miserable too.

Moab Valley Inn Overview

The Moab Valley Inn Utah is a 2.5 star hotel, now, keep in mind this is not the customer rating, this is just the level of hotel. The customer satisfaction rating on Expedia is actually 4.1/5, which is really good when you consider that us travelers are picky bunch. So, here is what you get in this 2.5 star hotel:

  • Nice comfortable beds
  • indoor/outdoor connected heated pool open all year
  • hot-tub
  • fitness center
  • free breakfast (mostly continental, but sometimes they serve warm sausage)
  • business center
  • free parking
  • close to great restaurants in Moab
  • very affordable prices
  • parts of hotel remodeled
  • Excellent customer service

For most people, the above list should be a big enough reason to book now, especially if you have kids.

Below is a video tour of the room:

What the Moab Valley Inn is NOT:

  • It is not a cheap Motel, it’s a lot better
  • It is not a luxury hotel, but their customer service is five-star!

Our Experience

We showed up to the hotel after an hour-plus drive from Goblin Valley State Park. The parking was pretty open, so we parked, got out of the car, and walked into the hotel lobby. We were greeted by a very friendly lady who checked us in quickly and gave us our 2 key cards. We went back to our car, grabbed our luggage, and entered the hotel from the side door, which led to the elevators, we ascended up to the second floor, and entered our room. We booked a 2 Queen Suite with jetted tub.

2 Queen Suite Review

This room is the next level up after the basic room. When you walk in, it has the bathroom sink right in the open, although it’s not the preferred setup for me, it worked out nicely, because we could get ready while another person was in the shower. The bathroom door was right at the beginning as well. The bathroom consists of the toilet and a jetted Jacuzzi bath tub.

The entry-way opens up into a very large room that fits two queen size beds, a fridge, TV stand, and once you pass the beds, a counter with a sink and microwave divides the room. On the other side of the counter is the living area with two soft chairs and another TV stand with TV.

It’s a very nice room and is worth the extra $10 to $15 per night to book. Below is a video tour I took of the room:

Pool Area

This is always the kids’ favorite part of the hotel. They don’t care how nice the room is or how luxurious the hotel room bathroom is, the hotel needs to have a pool. If it’s winter time, it better have an indoor pool. This hotel has both an indoor and outdoor pool, and they are connected. You can swim under a closable gate from the indoor to the outdoor pool. Both sides of the pool are open year-round.

We really enjoyed our second night in the hotel pool because it was snowing outside. We were able to swim to the outside pool while is was snowing! The water was still warm, but the air temperature above the water was freezing.

Alongside the indoor pool is the hot tub, which is nice to get into with such crappy weather outside.

Free Breakfast

The breakfast is good, it is mostly continental, but they do have a make-your-own waffle bar with two different waffle batter flavors and different shapes of waffles too. They also serve cooked sausage next to the waffle bar. They offer cereals, oatmeal, muffins, bread/toast, bagels, yogurt, fresh fruit, and more. There is plenty of food, so you can fill yourself up well before your big hikes up in Arches National Park. You can eat enough food to where you can survive off of small snacks through your day up at the National Parks.


Overall, we really enjoyed the hotel, we usually try to stay in 3 star and higher, but this 2.5 star hotel was very close to being a 3 star hotel in our opinion. With excellent customer service, remodeled rooms, free breakfast, pool, fitness, and laundry on site, you have everything you need to have a great experience.

We highly recommend this hotel for families with children who don’t want to spend a fortune, but still want comfort, convenience, and entertainment for the kids.

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