International Travel Checklist

o   Familiarize yourself with the passport/visa requirements of the country your visiting, see
o   Obtain a passport (you print the application online and take it to your Post Office)
o   Price out airline tickets
o   Price out hotel stay, don’t forget to include additional fees (if applicable)
o   Price out daily meal costs, research the cost of food in foreign countries
o   Research the foreign country’s currency rate compared to your country’s currency
o   Purchase a Travel Insurance Policy from a reputable provider
o   Research the crime rate of the country and city you are visiting, follow suggested actions
o   Using Google Maps or Google Earth, streetview the cities that you will be visiting, get to know the area around your hotel and around the sights you will be visiting
o   Take some time to learn the culture, customs, and manners of the country you are visiting
o   Take some time to learn about the food and cuisine of the country you are visiting (decide what you can or cannot handle, but be prepared to be adventurous and try new foods)
o   Learn some basic language skills of the language of the country you are visiting (hello, good-bye, please, thank you, where is, etc)
o   Add an additional $500 cushion per week of your vacation for emergencies or even souvenirs to your overall budget. For expensive destinations such as Western Europe, add a larger cushion.
o   Research the type of electrical outlets your destination country uses, buy the adapter before you leave (Amazon has really good prices)
o   Figure out your ground transportation if you’re not renting a car.  Are there metros, buses> will you use a taxi, or Uber?
o   Schedule out your days’ activities in the country you are visiting, don’t overload your schedule, allow for flexibility and time for relaxing
o   Reserve your airline tickets
o   Reserve long term parking to the airport (shop around for good prices, but look at their reputation too)
o   Book your hotel room(s)
o   If traveling by train from country to country (especially if touring Europe), book your train tickets online (if possible) ahead of time.  European trains sell out quickly during the summer
o   Book your tickets online (if possible) ahead of time to the sights you want to visit as they may sell out on the day you want to visit
o   Enjoy your trip