London UK: Thames River Cruise. Is worth it?

I was skeptical about taking the Thames River Cruise for a couple of reasons.  Number one, I get motion sickness very easily on most boats.  Number two, it seemed like a waste of time because there are so many sights to see off the river.  Despite my skepticism, I agreed to join my wife and kids and take the 30 minute cruise from the Tower Bridge to Big Ben.  Fortunately my skepticism was in vain, it was a very nice cruise.

As far as the motion sickness, I did not get sick.  The cruise is one of the smoothest boat rides I have ever taken as there was no swaying back and forth almost as if the boat was on a track under the water.  As far as the potential of losing time that could be spent visiting other sights?  The cruise actually allows you to see more sights in just 30 minutes, yes it’s from the water, but you will see sights that you probably wouldn’t see if you chose not to ride the boat.  You will float by famous landmarks such as the London Bridge, Shakespear’s Globe, the London Eye, Big Ben, and Parliament and much more.  You will also have a local tour guide speaking to you over the loud speaker.  This tour guide is not one of those annoying tour guides that you will want to throw overboard after 10 minutes, the tour guide is actually very informative and quite comical.

A few words of advice before you purchase your tickets to the Thames River Cruise:

  • be sure to bring some cash, it’s polite to tip the tour guide a few pounds
  • try to get a seat on the top deck, it’s outdoors and you will see more.
  • show up about 20 to 30 minutes early as the line builds up fast
  • for no additional cost you can travel one way (Tower Bridge to Big Ben) or you can travel round trip
  • take a camera and take good pictures
  • be ready to add sights to your list of places you want to visit

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