New York City: Central Park

On your visit to New York City, be sure to visit Central Park.  The best way I can describe Central Park is an oasis in the middle of Manhattan.  Everywhere you go in the Big Apple is concrete, steel, high-rises, heavy traffic, honking cars etc etc.  You go to Central Park, and suddenly you have grass, lots of trees, lakes, fountains, bike trails, small ball parks, and play areas.  The park is absolutely huge, you can walk deep enough into the Central Park where you will not hear the cars or see the buildings anymore.  The sound of traffic and honking cars is replaced with the sound of the breeze blowing the trees and birds chirping.  On Saturdays you will find that certain parts of Central Park are extremely crowded, such as the grassy area on the southwest corner.  If you want to get away from the crowds, keep walking deeper into the park and eventually you will find an area with much fewer people.

Aside from being able to relax and chill at Central Park, there is quite a bit of sight-seeing opportunities too.  A number of famous movies were filmed in Central Park, such as Remember Me, Serendipity, Cruel Intentions, and Home Alone 2.  My wife and I visited the tunnel of of the final scene in Home Alone 2, where the wet bandits finally catch up with Kevin and almost take his life before being attacked by a bunch of penguins.  Below is the tunnel:

If you are not into visiting movie sights, you can visit the Central Park Zoo, you can go out on a paddle boat on one of the lakes, you can visit Belvedere Castle, or you can throw out a blank and have a picnic or just late out in under the sun.

Central Park was my favorite sight to visit in New York City, so much so, we took a second trip to Central Park on the same day we left to go home.  I would be willing to take another trip to New York just to go to Central Park and experience all that it has to offer.

Below are some of the pictures we took, we went in April, so some of the trees were blossoming.

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