New York City: Skyscrapers

It is no secret that New York is home to some very famous skyscrapers and tourists can actually visit the top floors of some of these magnificent structures.  Three of these are the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock), and the One World Trade Center (replaced the World Trade Center twin towers).

These tickets can sell out, so be sure to book in advance.  My wife and I learned this the hard way at the Top of the Rock as they denied us entry due to being sold out.  The tickets are not too expensive, usually around the low $30s per person.  However, I would recommend paying extra for a skip-the-line pass, which is usually between $50 and $60 per person, because the line can be up to a couple of hours long.

Regardless of the price, the views from the observation decks of these buildings are priceless, especially from the top of the One World Trade Center, which is now the tallest building in the western hemisphere.  From the top of the One World Trade Center, you can see above all the other tall buildings and skyscrapers on all sides.  You can also see the waterways and the Statue of Liberty from the top.  From the Top of the Rock, you can see all of Central Park to the North, which is an amazing view.

If you have a fear of heights, you may want to avoid these attractions all together, or at least take some sedatives beforehand, especially with the One World Trade Center.  Keep in mind that the elevators travel at a very high rate of speed, so if you suffer from motion sickness, be sure to take precautions beforehand.

Although it’s not too expensive, if you will be visiting all three skyscrapers and some other sights, the costs can add up very quickly.  I would recommend getting the New York City Pass., which can save you a ton of money as you pay only one price for multiple attractions.

One World Trade Center

Rockefeller Center

Empire State Building

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