New York City: Something for Everyone

Have you been to New York City?  If you have not, I would add that to your bucket list.  If you are looking to travel somewhere unique, but don’t want to hassle with leaving the country, go to New York.  In New York City, there is something for everyone.  Describe your favorite type of vacation, and you will likely find something in New York that will meet it.

My wife and I visited the Big Apple in 2015, and it was one of the best vacation destinations we have visited in the world, and it was the best we have visited within the continental USA.  Since we have returned home, we have urged everyone we know to take a trip there.  Below are some common rebuttals as to why someone would not want to visit New York, but I have an answer for almost every rebuttal out there:

It’s too expensive: This is one of the most common rebuttals, and a New York visit can be expensive, if you fail to plan ahead and if you do not do your research.  My wife and I visited New York on a budget and were able to see a lot and we were able to eat a lot of very good food.  I will cover how to visit New York City on a budget in another blog post.

It’s too big and crowded: No doubt that New York City is a big city, it’s the largest city in the USA, and yes, it is crowded, depending on where you go and the time of day.  If you are visiting New York for a week, visit the famous sites such as the Statue of Liberty, or the Rockefeller Center on weekdays.  Visit Central Park on the weekend.  Yes, there are a lot of people in Central Park, but it’s such a huge park that you can always find a section of the park that is secluded.  You can also visit other less crowded Boroughs (counties) outside of Manhattan, such as Brooklyn or Queens.  There may not be as much to see outside of Manhattan, but they still have lots of very good restaurants and even some famous restaurants shown on Travel Channel.


I want to go to the beach: New York City is close to beaches.  Yes, you will want to go in the late spring, summer, or early fall to avoid cold weather, but beaches in New York are not bad at all and one who hasn’t done their research would be surprised to find that NY beaches are actually quite nice.


It’s too loud, I like peaceful places: Two words for you:  Central Park.  You do not have to stay in your hotel room for peace and quiet in New York, jump onto the subway and go up to Central Park.  Once in Central Park, walk into the park far and find a place with few people.  Instead of hearing traffic and honking horns, you will hear birds and the breeze. Whoever came up with the idea of Central Park is a genius!


I want to travel internationally:  As a persistent traveler, I hear ya!  I love travelling internationally too!  Which is why you need to visit New York City.  Think of every nationality, race, culture, and food that exists in the world…..You can find it in New York City….guaranted!

The people in New York are rude:  I thought the same thing, so when we traveled to New York City, I kept my guard up at first, only to find the opposite to be true.  New Yorkers are actually pretty friendly.  They are brutally honest and they are not shy to express their opinions, but they do not mean harm.  Just a word of advice, if you are at a restaurant, don’t be indecisive about want you want to eat.

New York City is too far:  Unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you can fly to New York in 5 hours or less.  What more?  New York City has direct flights from almost every airport in the country.  Even right here in Salt Lake City, Utah where we live, we have multiple daily direct flights to New York JFK on Delta Airlines and Jet Blue.

So, if you’re hesitant to travel to New York for whatever reason.  Go anyway, I bet you that your trip will exceed your expectations.

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