New York City: Street Food

When my wife and I visited New York City, we had the opportunity to eat at a few really good restaurants such as Katz Deli, the Smoke Joint and some others, but my advice to anyone who visits the Big Apple is to not rule out the street food.  New York street food is famous, and for good reason.  When many people think of street food, they think cheap, low quality, not fresh, and not very tasty food.  This is true sometimes, but this idea is vehemently false with New York street food.

What kind of food can you find on the streets of New York?  The most simple answer I can give is “everything”.  You will see food carts spread across the city, and especially around popular areas such as Central Park and Battery Park.  They have everything from Middle Eastern food carts, fancy hot dogs, creative burgers, Jewish food carts, Korean food, Chinese food, pretzels, donuts, deserts, waffles, pizza, smoothies, lobster rolls, mexican food and much much more.  For an extensive list of New York street foods, click here.

We ate Middle Eastern Lamb over rice from The Halal Guys food cart, they added some hot sauce to it and WOW, I am still debating whether this was my favorite meal in New York over some of the expensive restaurants!  It only cost $7 and the portion was huge.  My wife and I shared it and were both stuffed, a lot cheaper than buying two combo meals at a fast food joint and way better quality.  We also tried out chicken kabobs, and other snacks from the street vendors and they were all very tasty and not too expensive.

So, if you are traveling to New York, be sure to try out at least a couple of street food meals.  You may find yourself surprised at how good street food can be, and who knows, you may find it’s the best tasting food there.  If you’re on a budget and need to cut back on the expensive restaurants, the street food will easily fill that need and will not disappoint.

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