New York City: The Statue of Liberty

There are some sights in New York City that are absolute must-sees.  Most of these sights are very famous, a couple of them are not so famous, but still worth visiting.  The Statue of Liberty is one of these sights.

This is a very popular sight to visit and it can get very crowded.  It has also been known to sell out just to climb to the top of the pedestal, so you may want to reserve your spot early.  If you want to climb to the crown of the statue, advanced reservations are required and there are limits to how many people are permitted to climb up to the crown.  You can find more information here on how to reserve your spot.

On the day you visit the Statue of Liberty, you will want to show up at least a half an hour before your ferry leaves from Battery Park.  You will go through a security screening much like you would at the airport with the TSA, so be prepared.

Bring good shoes as the climb to the top of the pedestal can be strenuous.  Also bring plenty of water as it does get hot inside the pedestal and statue, even on cooler days.  Of course, don’t forget your camera as the views of the Manhattan skyline from the top of the statue are definitely picture worthy.

Statue of Liberty Museum – Base of the Pedestal

From the Top of the Pedestal

On your boat back from the Statue, you will also stop at Ellis Island, which, a long time ago, was where immigrants to the USA were housed while awaiting approval for their entrance into the country.

As much as I enjoyed the Statue of Liberty attraction, in my opinion it is one of those sights that only needs to be visited once.  I will probably visit it a second time with my kids, but that will be it.  There is so much more that the Big Apple has to offer and the Statue of Liberty is just one of many.

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