Paris France: Odd Eats! SNAILS

Most of the food in France is pretty down to earth and not too unusual, however, it’s not hard to find restaurants that serve food that may come across as unusual, strange, or downright disgusting to some people.  One of the most famous “odd eats” in France is Escargot, or to be politically incorrect “snails”.

This is not the first time I’ve eaten escargot, but it’s the first time I’ve eaten it in France.  One difference I noticed in France (at least at the particular restaurant where we ate) is that they leave the snails in their shells, where when I’ve eaten escargot outside of France, it was already out of the shell.  If I hadn’t eaten and fallen in love with escargot prior, I would have found it a lot more challenging to eat it out of the shell because it gives more of that sensation that it was actually picked up off the ground while it was slowly crawling, then it was cooked, and then it was put on my plate instead of pretending it was small pieces of rich dark meat chicken.

How does escargot taste?  Heavenly!  My 6 year old daughter who is a lot braver than I would have ever been at her age, ended up eating 3 of them within a couple of minutes because she loved them so much.  My wife agreed that they were delicious too.  They taste like a very rich dark meat chicken with a slight earthiness flavor to them.  They are usually cooked in a buttery garlic mix, so they have a strong flavor of both.  They are not very cheap, 6 of them will run you 11 Euros (about $15), but they are worth it.

I recommend you try escargot next time you visit France. If you’re too chicken to taste a dish that tastes like chicken, there are other alternatives………………………………….you wimp!   You can eat Steak and Frites (fries), burgers, sushi, chinese food, sandwiches on a baguette and so much more.

Snails in the shell:

My brave older daughter eating escargot:











Video of my younger daughter refusing to eat escargot:

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