Paris France: Step 1: Add to your bucket list

Paris France Instructions:

Step 1: Add to your bucket list of destinations to visit

Step 2: Ignore the myths about French people

Step 3: Have a great time and don’t eat too many pastries

We visited Paris France for the first time in June 2017 as part of a 3 nation tour through Europe.  First we visited London UK, then we hopped on the Eurostar bullet train from London to Paris.  France was a first for all of us, so we were a little unsure of ourselves when we first arrived.  None of us spoke a word of French, we were not very familiar with the food, maybe except the pastries, and we worried about how we would be treated as Americans visiting Paris.

We arrived at the Paris Nord train station, we booked a taxi to our hotel room, we checked in, and needed to find a place to eat dinner.  From our friendly taxi driver, and the very helpful Hotel Clerk, to the friendly server at our restaurant, we were already feeling at home.  Our taxi driver asked us a lot of questions about America, our Hotel clerk helped us find a great place to eat dinner, and our server at the restaurant helped us interpret their menu and gave us 5 star service.


I thought the French hated Americans!  Were we just lucky our first night?  NO, it was pretty much like this our entire 4 days in Paris.  We were treated very well almost everywhere we went.  So, if you were to throw out any of the myths about the French, throw out this one.  The French are NOT anti-American, at least not in Paris.  Maybe it’s different outside the city-limits?

When you are in Paris, be sure to visit all the famous sights at least once, take a journey off the beaten path as well as that is where you tend to find the real French culture.  Do try out some pastries, but don’t eat too many of them, although they do have the best tasting pastries I have ever eaten.  Starbucks and some other places here in the USA try to sell so-called French Pastries, but they do not stack up against what you can get in France.

Take in the French culture, watch people (but don’t stare).  This country is one of the best people watching places in the world.  Eat their food, especially some of the more strange dishes such as escargot, or snail caviar if you are really brave.

The more you experience any country’s culture, the more rich and unforgettable of an experience you will have.  That’s especially true in France.

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