Paris France: The Simple Things

When traveling overseas, it’s easy to get so caught up in busy schedules we set for ourselves in order to visit as many tourist attractions as possible that sometimes we forget to take a moment to take a break and breathe.  It’s good to spend a couple of hours doing simple activities such as taking a walk through a park, taking a boat ride on the river, or simply letting the kids run around in an open space.

We took a few such breaks while we were in Paris:

We let the kids run and chase birds in a park adjacent to the Eiffel Tower.

We took a boat ride down the Seine River where we cruised by multiple famous landmarks.

We visited a chocolate factory and museum.

We roamed the street market in front of our hotel for several minutes.

Slowing down for a moment and enjoying the simple things famous cities have to offer not only gives you a break from the hustle and bustle of long lines and crowded subways, it also allows you to become more present mentally, it makes you feel at home even though you are thousands of miles away, and it allows you to take in more of the local culture because let’s face it, even though the Eiffel Tower is definitely French, you will not see a bunch of French people touring the place, instead you will mostly every nationality but French.  The locals will likely be doing the more simple activities during their off time, such as going to the park, going on walks, or sitting in a bar.

So, next time you visit a big city, such as Paris, London, or anywhere else, be sure to spend some time eating an ice cream, taking a walk, hanging out at a local bar, or relaxing in a park.  You’ll be glad that you did because some of your favorite memories will be from those more relaxing moments when you felt more present and slowly took in the local surroundings.

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