Park City, Utah, USA

Whether you live close by or whether you live across the world, Park City is an amazing destination for families who are looking for a great adventure.

Park City is located in the mountains just above Salt Lake City, Utah and it is a great get-away to escape the summer heat for fun activities and it’s a great place during the winter to go skiing. In fact, Park City boasts some of the best skiing in the world and people flock here from just about everywhere to go skiing.

Park City is also where most of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games took place.

Obviously you can’t go skiing in Park City during the summer, but that doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of summer activities here. In fact, there are a ton of summer activities in Park City. Some of the most popular are:

Park City Mountain Resort: they have the Alpine Slide, Alpine Coaster, kids jumping activities, mountain biking, scenic lift rides, golf, etc etc

Olympic Park: Home of the 2002 Winter Olympics. During the summer they have, tubing, extreme tubing, zip line, extreme zip line, 7 course zip line tour, summer bobsled, the drop tower, 3 levels of rope obstacle courses, and their own scenic lift rides.

Park Silly Sunday Market: From the tasty, to the exotic, to the unusual, this street market sells everything from jewelry, jams, organic popsicles, unusual food, clothing and accessories, live bands, and various live bands, all outdoor on Park City’s Main Street.

Park City Museum: Learn about the history of Park City

Deer Valley Resort: Where the famous Montage Hotel is located and there are many fun activities for all ages there

And much more!

Our Visit to Park City

On August 26, 2018, our family visited Park City and we spent our morning at the Park Silly Sunday Market, and we spent the afternoon at Olympic Park.

We left our home at about 9:30 in the morning and drove the 40 minutes to Park City.


We arrived at the Park Silly Street Market and parked our car somewhat far, but the walk wasn’t too bad. I would recommend showing up earlier in the morning to have an easier time finding parking. There are several parking garages along Main street and along the parallel streets to the east and west.

Park Silly Sunday Market

Whether you like street food, fresh jams, unusual stuff, clothing, Accessories, organic popsicles, or live bands, they have it all. We enjoy spending an hour or two at this street market. As the title suggests, it is only open on Sundays, and the market runs during the summer months ending on Labor Day weekend.

As for the unusual, we met up with a guy name Jeff, who had a live owl sitting on his shoulder named Hoot. After talking with the man and agreeing to take pictures, we soon learned that this owl is a celebrity animal who has played in movies such as Arrow the Owl in Harry Potter. We had our girls take pictures with him:

We walked down Main Street and looked at the various items and foods for sale. We stopped and had lunch at the north end where the food trucks were located. Ariana and I ate lobster rolls while Irina and Bella ate BBQ food. All from the food truck.

After we completed our time at the Park Silly Market, we left and drove to Olympic Park. This place is one of the funnest spots in Park City where you can have a family adventure for all ages.

Olympic Park

We bought the Gold Day Pass tickets for all four of us because this ticket would allow us to do all almost all the attractions there except the bobsled and zip line tour.

We went on the following attractions:


There are 4 levels of tubing available. Since we were on the west side of the park, they had the first two levels of tubing there for beginners. On the east side of the park, they have extreme tubing. Since there is no snow, you are basically tubing down green AstroTurf. We were unable to make it to the extreme tubing because they closed early.

Airbag Jump

This was my least favorite activity, but my kids figured it out and love it. You have to jump off a platform and land on a big air pillow and you have to land butt first jumping forward. So you have to kick out your feet after jumping and somehow land on your rear end. I couldn’t figure it out.

Canyon Course

This is on the west side of the park, and it’s the mid-level difficulty obstacle course. I really enjoyed this and so did our girls Ariana and Bella. It looks intimidating, and it is at first, but then once you realize that you are perfectly harnessed and safe, you will enjoy it by about the 4th element of the course. There is nothing like walking on a thin wire and only holding on to a rope.

Zip Line and Tower Drop

This activity is a lot of fun. You first jump off a platform and zip down to the other tower. Once at the other tower, you jump off the platform and free fall for a millisecond before the rope and pulley slow you down to a slow fall. The jump is quite a rush at first and really worth it. We all loved it!

Freestyle Zip Line and Extreme Zip Line

These zip lines both drop off the side of the mountain and go down to the bottom. You start out by taking a chair lift up to the mountain and they strap you up and send you down the zip line. The Freestyle is a lower and shorter zip line while the Extreme goes up much higher and is a longer and faster zip line. Both are extremely fun, the difference is one is higher, longer, and faster.

This is Olympic Park for you, and this place is only one of many places to have fun in Park City. So, be sure to add Olympic Park to your bucket list of things to do. It is a lot of fun, it is a great experience, and it is perfect for families.









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