Saint Petersburg Russia – Day 2

We slept a lot better our second night in Saint Petersburg and woke up more refreshed on Monday, June 11, 2018. We were very ready to start day 2 in Saint Petersburg and full of excitement. We had a yummy Russian breakfast at our hotel, no different from the first day. We stepped outside, it was warmer, but very overcast as if it might start to rain.

We got on the bus and rode back to the same area we were at on Day 1. Then is started to rain a little, then it began to rain harder, and soon it began pouring! Thankfully we were close to the Zoological Museum where we saw skeletal remains of animals and insects from the present going back several centuries in time.

After we finished there, we stepped outside and it was no longer raining. There were a couple of food trucks nearby and we had some street food for lunch. I had a Russian pirogi, which is a pastry filled with meat, potato, or cabbage. Mine was filled with meat, surprise surprise!

River Cruise

After eating, we headed over back to the water, and we booked a river/canal cruise for ourselves. We hopped on the boat and made our way from the main waterway into the smaller canals on the streets of the city. We cruised by several historical buildings and were able to take some amazing photos and videos. The tour was all in Russian, but my wife Irina translated the important parts for me, so it turned out amazing.


Konditerskaya Sever

After our cruise, we hopped on a subway train and headed to a different part of the city to experience some famous Russian pastries and desserts at a famous pastry shop known as Konditerskaya Sever. Imagine a very nice pastry shop in Paris, that’s what this place is like, except the desserts and pastries are Russian! We enjoyed a nice afternoon dessert at this place. After we finished eating, we took some pictures if front of the place, it’s famous! Why not?

From there we wandered the streets of Saint Petersburg taking some random photos and we visited a mall.

Russian Cafeteria

Once it was evening and we were hungry once again. Instead of going out for Sushi or anything else common for us, I requested to my wife that we eat Russian. We visited a low cost Russian Cafeteria. We ate very Russian food such as Vegetable Beet soup known as Borscht, fried potatoes, and fish. It was low cost, and quite evident that it was low cost, but it was so hearty and good. I refer to it as Russian Comfort food or maybe even Russian Soul Food.

After eating, we made our way to the bus stop and took the bus back to our hotel, no taxis tonight thank goodness. Read Day 1 to see the dilemma we faced on our first night in Saint Petersburg. It’s easy to lose track of time when it doesn’t get dark.

We stopped at a small playground near our Hotel and let the kids play a little bit.  Playgrounds are quite different than they are back in the states, but still fun for the kids.


Day 2 in Saint Petersburg was a success, and it was a lot of fun. Sadly we were more than half-way done with our Saint Petersburg trip at this time and Day 3 would be our last day.

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