Saint Petersburg Russia – Day 3

So we woke up on Tuesday morning June 12, 2018, and it was the beginning of our third and last day in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was a bitter-sweet day, sadly it was our last day in Saint Petersburg, but it was our favorite day too. Why? Because we got to see the Hermitage, what more can I say? So we got up, had our Russian Breakfast, no different from the breakfast from the first two mornings. We then cleaned up and headed outside to catch the bus to Palace Square where the Hermitage is located.

We hopped off the bus, walked over to the Hermitage, and stood in line for a couple of hours. The lines were extremely long due to the record number of tourists that were visiting Russia, mostly for the World Cup. Thankfully we had some friendly people behind us in line. We met a man from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and we also met an Italian Man with his Russian girlfriend. We chatted with them for a long time about traveling and all the places we had visited. I was sure to inform the Dutch man how much I enjoyed our quick layover in Amsterdam just a few days prior.

After a long time of speaking with our new friends, we bid them farewell and entered into the Hermitage Museum.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage is the Louvre of Russia, very similar in size and scope of the actual Louvre in Paris. It is an Art Museum and it is the 2nd largest Art Museum in the world at that. They have all sorts of different types of works of art including paintings, sculptures, antiques, and much more, varying in age, but mostly items that were hundreds of years old.

We strolled through the museum for a few hours and even though we were extremely tired, we kept pressing on because there was so much to see. The museum was beautiful, noticeably dated, but very beautiful.

A few words of advice that I would give those who are interested in visiting this museum. Do not touch anything. Make sure your kids do not touch anything. The workers and attendants standing around in each of the art rooms are grouchy at best, and they will yell at you or even your children if anyone touches anything. Remember this, and you should have a great time.

Below are some photos of the inside of the Hermitage with some artwork:


I love the Architecture in this Museum

Nice Courtyard in the middle of the Hermitage

Paintings of Christ

More Cool Architecture

Another statue

Architecture from the Outside


Kuntz Kamera

After we visited the Hermitage, we left and walked across the river to another museum called Kuntz Kamera. It’s a nice Natural History Museum. Don’t be fooled by its size and lack of grandeur because there is something very unique about this museum. It’s the first museum ever created in Russia and it was created Peter the Great!

It contains history and artwork depicting many cultures across the world including Russian, European, Asian, Indian, Latin-American, and Native American. It is always neat to see depictions of history and culture of places close to my home, but being depicted in a museum clear on the other side of the world.


Pizza in Russia

After we were completely done with our last full day in Saint Petersburg, we were hungry. We noticed a tempting Pizzeria near our Hotel, so we decided to try it out. It was delicious. Irina and I ordered a Greek salad and the girls ate a cheese pizza. After we were finished, we picked up some ice cream at a nearby market, and we went back to our hotel to retire for the evening and sleep for a couple of hours as we had an early morning flight the next day to Moscow.

Saint Petersburg Wrap-up

Overall, Saint Petersburg was an amazing city. It is beautiful, the architecture is amazing, the people are friendly to tourists, there is a lot to see, and there are a lot of places to eat.

We enjoyed the sights we were able to visit such as Peterhof and Palace Square on Day 1, River/Canal Cruise on Day 2, and the Hermitage on Day 3. We summarize it all in this video below. We were photo-bombed by some Scots. I really wish they would have introduced themselves to us. I would have loved to talk to them about their experience in Russia and to ask them questions about Scotland, a country I am extremely interested in visiting.

Although it was sad to see this day come to an end, we were excited to see Moscow the next day and to visit Chelyabinsk after that to visit my in laws.

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