Salt Lake City UT USA: Feature: One Man Band Diner

One large part of traveling that is often not thought about and where a lot of vacationers just go with the flow is where they eat while traveling. Even though there is nothing wrong with going about your travels this way, it can turn into a wild-goose chase if you’re in a city you don’t know. Ask my wife Irina about one of the nights of our honeymoon.

So if you happen to be traveling to or from Salt Lake City Utah via I-15 from St. George, Las Vegas or southern California and you are looking for a good diner, look no further than One Man Band Diner in Lehi Utah, about 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City right off the Lehi Main Street exit on the east side of the freeway.

Why is this restaurant worth a visit? (1) the food is good, and (2) the restaurant was in a movie starring Danny Glover!

The movie is called Waffle Street. It’s not a huge blockbuster film, but it’s a good and well-thought-out film and a good story.

One Man Band Diner

Being a Diner, they serve typical diner cuisine, which of course includes breakfast all day. For lunch and dinner they have burgers, Prime Rib (only on the weekend), sandwiches, Navajo tacos, fish and chips, you name it. Here is a link to the menu at One Man Band Diner Lehi Menu.


Is the food top-notch quality? Of Course not, it’s a Diner. If you want top-notch, go to Ruths Chris, not a diner, BUT the food is better than most Diner food. it’s tasty, it makes you feel good, and falls under the category of “comfort food”.

Unique Service

The service was great, but not your typical diner service structure. The restaurant does not have any waiters or servers who come to your table. Instead they have a retro phone at the table that you pick up and order your food. When the food is ready, they page the phone and you pick up your food from the counter. That throws people off at first, but when they do provide your food, they are very friendly.



The food is surprisingly inexpensive. Where most restaurants today charge between $10 and $15 for a burger, all burgers are under $8 and they come with fries. I think the unique service structure plays into it a lot. They don’t need a huge staff to work there and they can pass the savings to the customer.

What We Ordered

My wife ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger and she really loved it. She was surprised that a Diner burger could taste so good.

I ordered the Bandito, which was a thinly sliced rib-eye steak, sauteed peppers, onions, and mushrooms, shredded cheddar cheese rolled in a flour tortilla. The meat and the sauteed vegetables tasted really good and the cheddar cheese added some comfort food feel to the dish.

As a side, my wife upgraded her french fried to their famous cheese fries topped with One Man Band’s secret Zippy Spice Mix. The cheese fried were a delicious side dish that did not disappoint.



There is always room for desert, right? I actually find myself too full for desert, so we ordered a caramel milkshake and I had a couple of drinks. It was also really good.


I don’t always eat at diners, but I enjoy the experience every time. Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy comfort food, especially when the weather is cold as it was when we went. The menus are usually simple and the food is feel-good comfort food. Add good service and better-than-average diner food, and you will have an overall great dining experience, and we got that at One Man Band Diner.


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