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When you think of good barbecue, you typically think of Texas, Tennessee, or the Carolinas, and though I would agree that the best barbecue comes from those states, you can also find really good and even comparable barbecue right in Salt Lake City, Utah.

How good are they? Well, they won awards in Utah Barbeque contests and California Barbeque contests. This place is not some average corner BBQ meat market, this place is the real deal in Utah and I don’t hesitate at all to say it is the best BBQ in Utah!

Smoked Slowly…..very slowly

Is R&R BBQ fast food? No way, and the owners are proud of the fact it takes several hours to smoke their meats and you will appreciate this a lot when you go to eat their meats! They are tender, fall off the bone, juicy, and very tasty! They have 6 types of meat to choose from, I will go over 4 of them that we ate during our visit to R&R BBQ.

Pulled Pork

This meat is our family’s favorite and my favorite as well. Fall off the bone describes this meat perfectly, and if you are reading this blog post, you have likely had pulled pork at least a few times in your life. They the flavor of the pulled pork you have eaten and multiply the tastiness by 100 and you have the R&R BBQ pulled pork flavor. I mean this, its some of the best pulled pork I have eaten in my life.

Beef Brisket

Beef is not quite as fall off the bone as the pork, but is still very tender and very flavorful. When meat is cooked slowly for several hours, it becomes very tender. I would say the Beef Brisket is my 4th favorite of the 4 meats I tried. Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome, but the other meats I ate were better in my opinion.

Smoked Sausage

This meat is my second favorite, the smoked sausage! It is very tasty and fairly spicy too. I did not order this meat myself, but my wife did and we tried each other’s food. I am sure they made this sausage from scratch at R&R

Pulled Chicken

Chicken is often thought of as the boring meat that just doesn’t do it for most people when compared to pork and beef. However, at R&R BBQ the chicken ranked as my third favorite meat. When you cook chicken thigh slowly, it becomes very tender and if you add the right spices, it competes with pulled pork and beef brisket as far as taste and quality are concerned.

4 Types of BBQ Sauce

A good BBQ joint will usually have a choice of BBQ sauce at the table. R&R BBQ is no different. They have their Original BBQ Sauce, Sweet BBQ Sauce, Carolina BBQ Sauce, and Less Sweet More Heat BBQ Sauce. I prefer the Less Sweet More Heat sauce myself. Even without the sauces, the meats are super good, but after you add some of the More Heat BBQ sauce, it only enhances the meats further and makes them spicy. For example, the pulled pork is really good on its own, but make it spicy with the More Heat BBQ sauce and you might have one of the best meals of your life!


They have really good sides as well. I had the Garlic potato smashers, which almost stole the show away from the meats. The hush puppies were delicious. Hush puppies in general are not my favorite side, but these were better than most I have eaten. Mac and Cheese? YES! I’m not a child anymore, so my love for Mac & Cheese went away with age, until our visit to R&R. Hand-down they have the best and tastiest Mac & Cheese that I have ever tasted. If only they had this great of Mac & Cheese when I was a boy!

R&R BBQ has a few locations throughout Utah, but we chose to visit the original in downtown Salt Lake City after visiting the Temple Square Christmas Lights. If you are visiting Utah, you can go to any of the locations in Farmington, South Jordan, Salt Lake City, Lehi, Pleasant Grove, and Provo. One thing to keep in mind, the lines can be up to 30 minutes long during lunch and dinner at all the locations

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