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If you are like most people, you probably either like or love pizza. For many people it’s their favorite food. For most kids, it is their favorite dish. I know it was my favorite from my childhood probably up to my late teenage years. Pizza for dinner was always more than welcome to me. I can remember going through some pretty tough days during high school and then having pizza for dinner and it redeemed the whole day for me.

Typical Pizzeria Chains

When we think of pizzerias, we often think of the big delivery chains such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s Pizza, or we think of cheap pizzerias such as Little Ceasers where you can buy a large pizza for as low as $5.00. Don’t get me wrong, I really like some of the pizzas at Domino’s and Pizza Hut, but you can find these franchises anywhere in the world at this point.

Obviously I don’t want to go into details on a pizza chain, instead I want to feature one of the best, if not the best pizzeria in Salt Lake City, Utah. This pizzeria goes by the same of The Pie Pizzeria.

The Pie Pizzeria Utah

If you happen to be visiting Salt Lake City and you are looking for some great pizza, look no further than the Pie Pizzeria. Even though it is a small chain, there are only a few Pie Pizzerias and they are all in Utah. Do yourself a favor and make every effort to go to the Pie Pizzeria Salt Lake City. It is unique compared to the others as it is in a basement of a building. You walk up East 200 South by all the businesses and you will notice a staircase going down, it goes to the Pie Pizzeria and is nick-named The Pie Underground.

Ordering your Pizza

When enter the restaurant, you will see a cashier desk in front of you and the menu on the wall to your right. You order and prepay for your pizza up front, and then you choose a table to sit at. The wait times are a little bit longer than average as and that is because (1) the place is popular, and (2) they make all pizzas from scratch, so you are getting a fresh pizza!

The Pie Underground is just west of the University of Utah campus, so it is a popular hang out spot for college students. If you are going there with your family and with your children, I recommend that you go during lunch on the weekend. We went during lunch and there were some college students, but it was fairly quiet and our kids loved the atmosphere. The evenings and nights can get pretty crazy and loud with college students.

The Pizza

It is worth the wait! When we received the pizza and took our first bites, we were all in heaven. Irina and I ordered the combination pizza with a side garden salad. The kids ordered a half pepperoni pizza and cheese pizza.

The pizza is very good! It’s tasty! It’s filling! It’s greasy! My favorite combination!

The salad was good, nothing unusual or unique about the salad itself, but the chipotle ranch dressing is almost as good as the pizza itself and it’s spicier than you would expect even chipotle to be.

The Atmosphere

I can’t think of a good way to explain the atmosphere, but it is a fun one. There are old pictures of old shops from big cities around the world and past patrons over the decades have left their mark in the form of a signature. Our kids did the same!

It is underground, so don’t expect to be looking out the window and seeing the mountains or the college campus. Being underground gives it a coziness though.

Overall Rating


I would give the restaurant an overall rating as stated right above. If I were to break it down, it would be as follows:

Atmosphere 9/10

Service 10/10

Quality 10/10

Taste 10/10

Speed 7/10

Now don’t let the lower rating on the speed keep you from visiting this restaurant, in fact, if speed were a 10, taste and quality would be 5 or 6 out of 10, good food takes time to make. In fact, I will tell you this now, you will never see Persistent Traveler feature a restaurant where speed is 10, it just won’t happen, we only feature quality restaurants with quality food and quality food takes time to prepare.

If the speed were 7/10 and the taste and quality were also 7/10, then I would be concerned, but with quality and taste at 10/10, 7/10 for speed is not a concern at all. Just give you and your family extra time.


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