San Antonio Texas: Day 2 of 3

We woke up Monday morning, which was our second of three days in San Antonio. We first ate a nice large breakfast at the free breakfast buffet in the hotel. We returned to the room, got ready pretty quickly and we were out the door. We had a lot on the agenda; we had a museum to visit, a famous BBQ joint for lunch a riverwalk cruise to take, and a very yummy Mexican restaurant for dinner!

Witte Museum

Our first stop? Witte Museum San Antonio, TX, and thank goodness visited when we did because they had the Space Exhibit, which was not only a real hit for the kids, it was a hit for us parents too!

Witte Museum is divided up into multiple buildings. The first building is a natural history museum. The other buildings are a human health building, a gift shop, the Navarro house (home of the ancestor of the owner of Witte) and more.

We first visited the natural history museum where you can see displays of the animals, insects, and the humans that inhabited Texas a very long time ago and read up on Texas’ natural history. It was interesting to read and see. Texas is definitely diverse when it comes to its nature, especially its geography and climate. Below are some photos we took in the natural history section:

From there we visited the space exhibit. A lot of the activities there were very hands-on and the kids loved it. I enjoyed being able to drive a passenger mars rover in a 3-D video setting……I tried not to crash…..

We then visited the human health building also known as Body Adventure. There were a few hands-on activities there too, such as a device that allows you to move a ball from one side to another using your…….brain!  I’m not joking! You sit on one side of the table and another person sits on the other side. You both put on this headband and it measures brain impulses and whoever is more relaxed pushes the ball toward the person who is not relaxed.

They had other fun interactive activities that teach children about health and nutrition.

Smoke Shack BBQ San Antonio

Despite the great time we had in the museum, hunger kicked in as it always does and nothing sounded better than Texas BBQ. Lucky for us, the Witte Museum is right across the street from one of San Antonio’s famous BBQ joints known as the “Smoke Shack”!

This place was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and features some very delicious brisket, pulled pork, sausage, turkey, ribs, and chicken. You can get the meats by themselves or in a sandwich. We opted for the ribs, pull pork and sausage with a side of french fries that our young picky eater would enjoy. The meat was juicy, it was flavorful, and tender. The BBQ sauce was delicious, I only wish they had more flavors of BBQ sauce, but it was good enough that it did not ruin our experience at all. The food was heavenly!

The service was great, the lady who took our order was very polite and helpful. The food is great, the restaurant is famous, and the dining room is not huge, so seats fill up fast. Don’t rule out sitting outside, and be willing to share your table with strangers, you might just make new friends, which is easy to do in Texas because the people are some of the friendliest in the USA, possibly the world.

Riverwalk Cruise

After a great lunch and finishing up the early afternoon at Witte Museum, we were ready to do something more relaxing. We headed back to our hotel and dropped off our car, took a break, and headed down to Go Rio River Tours right on Riverwalk and we purchased our Cruise tickets to the River Walk Cruise. The tickets were not the cheapest, but it was worth every dollar we spent. It was $52 for two adults and two children. Our timing was just right because we were able to immediately get on a boat that just started filling up and we had a good choice of seats.

The cruise was very relaxing and it was a marvelous experience for both my wife and I, and for our kids. The tour guide was very informative and awkwardly funny. From what I read in the reviews, some tour guides are good, and others are not so good. Ours was good. We tipped him well at the end. Below are some photos and videos from the Riverwalk cruise:

Rosarios Cafe & Cantina

We ended off our day eating at another well-known restaurant in San Antonio, this time it wasn’t BBQ, it was Mexican and Tex-Mex Cuisine. The restaurant was crowded and there was a 20-minute wait, not too bad with how many people were there.

Once we were seated, we looked at the menu and chose what we wanted to eat. Some of the dishes looked a little different than what I’m used to seeing, while other dishes looked very familiar. I ordered the Chile Relleno, Irina ordered the Enchiladas Verdes de Pollo, and the kids ordered nachos with white cheese sauce.

The Chile Relleno was not just filled with cheese like I normally eat, it was filled with ground beef, potatoes, raisins, and white cheese with ranchero sauce, very Tex-Mex from what I’m told. It was different, but really good!

The Enchiladas verdes were also good, my wife let me have a bite.

Don’t underestimate the nachos that the kids had. That creamy white nacho cheese is some of the best I have ever tasted. Obviously it wasn’t as good as my Chile Relleno, but if I were a picky eater and a child, I could easily call this the best nachos I have ever tasted!

The service here was amazing, our server was very attentive and very friendly.

We were stuffed by the end of dinner, so we opted to walk the mile back to our hotel to walk off some of the heavy dinner.

Overall, our second day in San Antonio was amazing, just as our first day was amazing. I couldn’t wait to see what our third day would offer.

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