San Antonio Texas: Day 3 of 3

We woke up to another fun day in San Antonio Texas, sadly we checked out of our Hotel at the Drury Plaza Hotel, it was one of the best hotels we have stayed at on a trip, so it was difficult to leave.  Thankfully that feeling was shortlived as we had a fun day ahead of us.  First, we visited the Doseum ( a “do it” museum for children), then we stopped at the famous Lulu’s Restaurant with the 3-pound cinnamon roll, and lastly we left San Antonio to travel to Corpus Christi Texas.

The Doseum Museum San Antonio

This is an interactive children’s museum in San Antonio Texas, and it’s name describes exactly what it is.  It’s a museum where children do the activities rather than look and observe.  Hence the name “Do” “Seum”.  They have a station where kids can build a city, and our kids built a very creative city.  They have another section where you can put together a large puzzle of the USA Map, with all 50 states.

There is another section of the museum where you can have a robot mimic your every move, the kids loved that and Irina and I loved watching our children interact with this.

They had many other fun parts to visit in this musuem, but one of the funnest was playing in the video animation section.  The kids spent over an hour there creating animation videos, which we still have saved today.

The last part of the Doseum we visited was the outside section where you can make bubbles big and small.  They have a tree house you can walk up to that has some fun musical instruments and large loud chimes that you can ring. Around the corner from there they have sand pits where you can play with sand as if it were a work zone with mini-machines that transfer sand from one place to another.

Overall we really enjoyed our time at the Doseum and spent most of the day there!  Once we were finished, we left and drove to Lulu’s.

Lulu’s Bakery and Cafe

We decided to eat lunch at Lulu’s for a few reasons.  First and foremost, IT’S FAMOUS!  This restaurant was featured on Adam Richman’s Man vs. Food and those Travel Channel shows don’t just feature any old restaurant!  They feature some of the best restaurants in any given city.

Lulu’s is famous for two dishes:

Their Chicken Fried Steak, 


their 3 Pound Cinnamon Roll!

I ordered their Chicken Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.  It is considered to be the best chicken fried steak in Texas, so I held it to high standards.  I will still impressed.  It was really good. Very crispy and tasty on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside.

Irina got the fish and chips, she enjoyed those as well.  She gave the chips (fries) to our older daughter.

Then we ordered the 3 pound cinnamon roll.  Not only was the cinnamon roll HUGE!!!  It was really good too.  It was so rich that the four of us barely put a dent into it, so we decided to pack it up and take it with us to Corpus Christi.  Over the next couple nights we chipped away at that cinnamon roll and didn’t even finish half of it.  I would recommend this cinnamon roll to a group of 10 or more!

Drive to Corpus Christi Texas

When we left Lulu’s it was a little after 4:30pm and we began our 2 hour drive to Corpus Christi.  A few things I learned on that drive:

  1. San Antonio has a ton of traffic during rush hour
  2. The stereotypical Texas is alive and well outside the cities (cowboys, lifted trucks, etc)
  3. Texas has the nicest rest-stops I have ever scene
  4. Texas drivers are pretty good drivers compared to Utah, Arizona, or California.

We stopped at a couple of rest areas on our way to Corpus Christ and back.  They have air-conditioned buildings and very large and very clean restrooms.  In other states they have run-down buildings with hand driers that don’t work.  I was impressed!

As far as Texas drivers, some of them can be aggressive, but they were usually polite.  I had more than one person wave to me when they would have to pass me, almost as if they were apologetic about it.  I love these people!

Arrival at Corpus Christi

After the long, but relaxing drive we arrived to our Hotel in Corpus Christi.  We were tired, but excited to travel to Padre Island National Seashore the next day.

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