London UK: Shakespeare’s Globe and a Lost Opportunity

One sight that tourists love to visit is Shakespeare’s Globe in London, it also goes by the name of The Globe Theatre.  The Globe Theatre is a popular attraction, especially among modern day thespians, and why not?  There is a lot of history behind the Globe Theatre as it was commonly used in Shakespeare’s days to perform his plays.

The Globe Theatre as we know it today is NOT the original Globe Theatre from Shakespeare’s day, but it’s modeled after it.  The original Globe was built in 1599, rebuilt in 1614 after burning down  due to an accident during a performance of Henry VIII, then it was permanently closed in 1642 due to a city ordinance.  Fast forward more than 350 years later, a modern version of the Globe Theatre was built and completed in 1997 and has been opened since.

Today you can tour the modern Globe Theatre for a fairly small cost, and learn the history of the Globe and about William Shakespeare himself.  This is where there was a missed opportunity for myself.  While my wife and kids visited the London Zoo, I decided to pay a visit to the Globe in hopes of being able to tour it.  Unfortunately I did not do my research and I showed up during a performance and they would not let me in.  While there are shows going on, tours are only available early in the morning, and it was our last day visiting London.  So, a missed opportunity for sure, but I will remember this for next time.  I did get an opportunity to visit the Globe Museum next door and it’s nice, but it’s not the same.

So, you can learn from my mistake!  When you visit the Globe, visit their website prior and check the schedules before you visit.  That’s the only advise I can give.

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