Should You Ride the London Eye?

Maybe after reading this article and viewing the photos and videos, you may not feel like you need to go up the London Eye, but trust me, this experience and all other experiences are much better done in person than just watching a video. Yes, even if you have VR, still not the same. You are missing the genuine sound, feel, and smell that is just as much part of the experience as seeing.

What is the London Eye?

The London Eye is that big giant Ferris Wheel that sits by the Thames River pretty close to Big Ben. You basically enter a glass-enclosed circular shaped pod about the size of a living room and you slowly circle up and down. You almost can’t notice that you’re moving.

Is the London Eye Worth It?

It depends on how much you value your money. Irina and I spent £35 each for a total of £70 (approx $90) for a 30 minute ride. Was is worth it for us to spend that kind of money? In my opinion, YES! But I would only go once unless I was taking someone on who has never been on it before. The views of London City from the top are spectacular and amazing.

The pod is comfortable, there are places to sit down in the middle in case you are tired of standing. There other people inside with you, but it’s not overly stuffed with people at all. Just hope that the airline industry doesn’t buy up the attraction…

It’s nice to take photos like the ones below to refer to later.

Should I Book Early

With anything in London or anywhere in Europe for that matter it is always a good idea to book in advance. Anything can sell out anytime, especially during peak season in the summer time. Also, you often pay a lower price booking online and in advance. We visited in the winter, so we bought our tickets there on the spot. The line was not too long, but not too short either. December is a busy part of winter in London because many people visit for the Christmas Markets, so I believe we got lucky.

Other Useful Information

If you struggle with motion sickness, you should still be fine on this ride because it moves so slowly. If you have a fear of heights, you may want to find something else to do. Thank goodness because London has plenty to do, see, and eat.

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