Sundance Ski Resort Utah Review – Know Before You Go

We had the opportunity to go skiing at Sundance Ski Resort and we wanted to share our experience there and share some advice to those of you who are thinking about visiting this place. This will be especially helpful for anyone bringing their family or children to Sundance.

Although Sundance is very well-known for the Sundance Film Festival, we are going to be focusing on Sundance Mountain Resort and skiing!

The Experience

We were able to get the kids excused from school on Friday January 25th. We woke up in the morning and we prepared ourselves a high protein breakfast, once we were finished we jumped into our snow suits, jumped in the car, and drove up to Sundance Mountain Resort. Once we arrived, we parked the car in a loading area, picked up our rental skis and equipment, and we drove up to the parking lot from there. We were happy to see that there was ample parking available, so we parked the car, got our gloves and snow caps on, and headed toward the slopes.

First things first, our younger daughter Bella needed to learn how to snowboard and ski, so she attended a class.  She didn’t do so well with snowboarding, but she picked up on skiing pretty quickly, she complained and she did not want to ski anymore for the rest of the day. I offered to take her to some of the real slopes to have her try them out before having her surrender for the day.

After we went down our first hill, she absolutely loved it and begged to stay for the whole day, so we did. We went down many different slopes and it’s amazing that my younger daughter picked up on skiing so quickly.

Our older daughter is already really good at skiing, she tried out snowboarding this day too, but did not enjoy it very much. This was not her first time skiing, it was her 4th time, she picked up on it quickly last year and has only gotten better.

We had such an amazing time going down the ski slopes, eating a fabulous mean in the middle of the day, and skiing until dusk! It was hard to convince our girls that it was time to go home for the evening, that’s how much they loved it.

Know Before You Go

  • When you first arrive at Sundance, the first parking lot you come to is a smaller parking lot, it is for rental pick-up only. Do not park there for the day and for the skiing. If you do not have any rental equipment to pick up, drive up to the higher parking lot, it’s a lot bigger and does not usually fill up.
  • You will have a much better selection of rental equipment to choose from if you show up earlier in the day. If you show up to do an afternoon ski, some rental items can be sold out, they may be out of certain sizes for example. This is especially true on weekends.
  • There are quite a few different choices of places to eat, the food can be pricey, but very good! Don’t be cheap and bring up your own food, eat at the restaurants, it’s part of the overall experience package. They have lots of different types of food, including gluten free. They have fine dining restaurants, such as Tree Room, probably not the best to go to while in ski gear. They also have simpler dining options such as Sundance Deli, or Creekside cafe that are more fast food.
  • Try to plan around big events, especially the Sundance Film Festival, as crowds can be enormous during these times. You can visit their website to see their event schedule.


Prices are only for skiing, they do not include ski rentals:


Sundance is a great place to go skiing, our family friends came skiing the same day we did, and they had skied many different places in Utah and Sundance was one of their favorite. So, although we would never discourage anybody from trying out all the ski slopes in Utah, this one is a definite must.

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