Two Types of Travel…..What Do You Prefer?

Although it seems there are many types of vacations, they typically fall into two categories:  (1) Relaxing vacations and (2) Tourist vacations.  A single vacation will be one, the other, or both.  Which one do you prefer?

Tourist vacations or sightseeing vacations are typically vacations where you visit a big city, another country, or anywhere where your day-to-day activities will be actively visiting famous sights, hiking a famous mountain, visiting famous museums, etc. etc. etc.  Tourist vacation spots may including places such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris, Madrid.  When you visit those cities, you are usually on the up and up every day seeing all the famous sights you possibly can.  Tourist Vacations are usually not physically relaxing, but they are mentally and spiritually relaxing.

My wife and I visited New York City two years ago and we visited for 4 days.  We squeezed so much activity in those four days that we were exhausted.  However, when I returned to work, I found that my mind was clear, and I felt refreshed as I would after a relaxing vacation.

A relaxing vacation typically would be a vacation at the beach where you can lounge around in a beach chair for the entire day without doing much at all.  It may also be a destination with a spa where you can experience massages, mud baths, and pure relaxation for a few days.  After returning back home from such a vacation, you will be fully relaxed both physically and mentally, and you will be ready to return back to work fully recharged.

Then there are those vacations where you get both.  This is the type of vacation I prefer.  My wife and I recently returned from Cancun Mexico, a famous beach destination.  We spend most days relaxing, but we also spent a day touring and sightseeing Mayan Ruins.  When we returned home from our trip, we were physically, mentally, and spiritually recharged.

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