UK: Stonehenge and Bath Tour with Premium Tours Review

This last December my wife and I visited London UK for our Anniversary trip. We went without our children. Our flight arrived to London early Friday afternoon, we visited some parts of the city that day and retired to our rooms fairly early in the evening as we needed to wake up early to catch our tour bus to visit Stonehenge and Bath City for the day. I’ll admit that it was very difficult getting up so early our first full day in England, but it was worth it!

The Tour Itself from Premium Tours

Aside from both of our stops, the overall tour itself was put together really well. We had a friendly tour guide who spoke to us over the speaker on the bus. As we were leaving London, she commented and told stories of some of the buildings and squares we drove by. After we got on the highway and started heading west towards Stonehenge, she put her speaking to rest and pretty much the whole bus fell asleep.

The bus ride was about 2 hours and just about 30 minutes before we arrived at Stonehenge, she told us of the history and even some of the controversial theories such as alien involvement.

After we left Stonehenge we drove another hour to the old Roman town of Bath. She explained the history of that city as well.  We took some beautiful photos of the English countryside.

Once we were finished and driving back to London, she did not speak much and we went to sleep again.

The tour overall was amazing, this was likely our favorite day while on our short trip. I highly recommend Premium Tours if anyone is thinking about them. You can either book directly through their website or you can book through a 3rd party website such as Expedia or Viator. If you book through one of 3rd party websites, you can use American Express, if you book through premium tours, you must use a Visa or MasterCard.

Are you bringing children? I recommend doing a single site tour and I recommend doing Stonehenge only. The kids will enjoy Stonehenge because it’s so unusual. There’s not much exciting in Bath for children except the little park by the river. Also the time on the bus could get excessive and the bus does not stop for bathroom breaks.


Okay, as you already know, our first stop was at Stonehenge. We were given about an hour and a half to visit this interesting site. We got off the bus, used the restrooms located at the parking lot, and we took a short shuttle ride to the actual Stonehenge site.

Once we arrived at the stones, we were amazed at how magnificent these stone structures are. First, the size of the stones, how could anyone have lifted these, let alone move them? Even with a hundred people it seems impossible. Second, there is a feeling as if you are walking on holy ground there, I’m not sure why, maybe it was a worshiping site. We spent a good 45 minutes there and after taking some photos and videos, we decided to head back.

We made a quick visit to the gift shop and grabbed some lunch at the cafe, then we headed back to the bus.


Bath City is another amazing stop, I can’t decide which stop I enjoyed more between Bath and Stonehenge. Bath is an old Roman city that has not been modernized, so you can see a lot of the original Roman architecture and old buildings. The most famous landmark in Bath is the building where the Roman Baths are located. Our tour came with free tickets, so we headed straight to Roman Baths after we got off the bus. It was amazing learning about the origins and history of Roman Bath, but honestly it was funner walking through all the passages and seeing the really old architecture.

We happened to be in England during the Christmas Markets this time. Bath City had the Christmas Markets setup too. We were able to shop through them and grab some chestnuts. We also found a food station at one end of the city, where they had large booths setup outside serving Indian food, Moroccan food, and other types of food. I grabbed a plate of Moroccan food. It was spicy and delicious! Perfect for the cool weather.

We spent the remainder of our time walking through the city down narrow Roman cobblestone streets and continued to shop at the Christmas market before heading back to our bus. The bus ride back was long, but we were back in the city by 6:30pm and we had time to eat at a pub for dinner and explore the area around Harrods.


We highly recommend this excursion if you are visiting England in the near or distant future. Yes, this trip takes an entire day, and no, your trip will not be complete without this excursion, believe me, we’ve visited London in the past without doing this trip, and that past trip felt incomplete.

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