Washington DC Hotel Recommendation

If you are planning to visit Washington DC soon, you have a ton of options as far as hotel accommodations.  You can get a standard hotel room, an Airbnb room, or a nice Suite!  You can stay in a hotel near the Mall of America and all the sights and spend an enormous amount of money, or you can do what my wife and I did and stay at a very nice Hotel further out from downtown DC and save a lot of money.

The hotel that I recommend, especially for those of you who love shopping in the mall, is the Embassy Suites Washington DC Chevy Chase Pavilion.  Here are 7 reasons you should consider this hotel:

  1. It’s a Quick Ride to Downtown
  2. Decent Price
  3. Free Gourmet Breakfast Buffet
  4. Free Happy Hour Snacks
  5. Close to Good Restaurants
  6. Inside a Shopping Mall
  7. Large and Spacious Suites

It’s a Quick Ride to Downtown

As I mentioned earlier.  If you stay at a hotel near downtown, you will pay through the roof.  If you stay at a hotel further away, you will save money. The Embassy Suites Chevy Chase is far enough away from downtown, that you save money, but it’s close enough that it only takes about 20 minutes on the metro to get to all the sights.  20 minutes to and 20 minutes from your hotel is good reason to cut your hotel cost in half in my opinion.  What more, you get to experience Washington DC like a resident commuting to and from the city.

Decent Price

Room rates run from the low $200s to the high $200s depending on when you visit.  Some of you may be balking at the price, but the value that comes with your stay more than justifies the price.  Similar class of hotels run a lot more the closer you get to the city.

Free Gourmet Breakfast

Imagine walking out your hotel room into a big opening in the middle of the mall and hotel and walking to a nice bar area with the air filled with the aroma of gourmet breakfast food.  Below is a picture of me at the buffet.

While other hotels (even some nicer ones) offer you a free so-called breakfast usually consisting of donuts, stale cereal, and cheap orange juice, the Embassy Suites gives you a full service breakfast buffet consisting of pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, freshly baked muffins, omelet bar, fresh fruit, different flavored syrups, different juices, milk, and coffee.  Best of all, no surcharge.


You may balk at a price in the low $200s, but with a huge breakfast already included, you can get away with eating a small lunch that day, and the savings from this alone makes this hotel very much worth it.

Free Happy Hour Snacks

If you don’t mind having a very light dinner or a snack in the evening, you can potentially cover 2 meals in this hotel with Happy Hour.  Drinks still cost money, but they are discounted and there is free grazing food.  The Hotel does happy hour every evening of the week, so you should take advantage of it at least one night, not only to save money, but just to experience it.

Close to Good Restaurants

There are several very good restaurants close by this hotel and unless you are planning on staying for two weeks for more, you will not hit all of them.  That’s a good problem to have.  Some of the restaurants they have are:

  • PF Changs
  • The Cheesecake Factory
  • Chipotle
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy
  • The Capital Grille (I recommend the Capital Grille near the U.S. Capital)
  • Lia’s (Italian American food)
  • Clyde’s of Chevy Chase

And many more!  There are many more restaurants closer to downtown that you should consider, but if you’ll be around the hotel most evenings, you have lots of choices.

Inside a Shopping Mall

Okay, so my wife loves, absolutely loves shopping.  So this Hotel was a great choice for her mostly because it is part of the mall, which is called the Chevy Chase Pavilion.  After we were settled into our hotel room for the night, she would ask me if I wanted to go shopping.  I reluctantly agreed to do this pretty much every night, but honestly it was fun to buy stuff for the kiddos.  They have all the stores you would expect to find in most malls, such as

  • H&M
  • JCrew
  • Old Navy
  • Marshalls
  • Neiman Marcus

and even an AMC Movie Theater.  I don’t recommend you waste your days away shopping as there are so many things to see and experience in Washington DC.

Large and Spacious Suites

It’s called Embassy Suites for a reason, all the hotel rooms are Suites.  They are all very roomy.  When you walk in, you will find yourself in the living room with a small table and a kitchen.  Next to the kitchen is the bathroom, and further back is the hotel room.  It is an upgraded room for sure when compared to other rooms at other hotels.

After a long, tiring, but fun day, it’s nice to be able to return back to a semi-luxury hotel room to chill on the couch, or to just sleep.  By the way, the beds are super comfortable and clean.  The bathroom is really nothing special, but it’s nice.  Our bathroom drain had to be unclogged.  We never did use the kitchen to cook anything, we just stuck some bottles of water in the fridge.  We did lounge out on the living room couch sometimes.

So, as you can see, the Embassy Suites Hotel at Chevy Chase is a greater value than the price tag in the low $200s.  Just the free breakfast itself more than pays for it.  So, next time you visit Washington DC, highly consider staying at this hotel.  Yes, you are further away from the city, but if you buy the very affordable Metro subway tickets, you are just a short train ride away from the White House, the Capital building, and all the many museums and sights.


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