Washington DC – Mount Vernon

Many people I talk to have visited Washington DC, very few have taken the trip to Mount Vernon, VA while there. It is somewhat of a distance away from the Washington DC Metro and depending on whether you drive, or take public transportation, it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours to travel there.

Either way, ITS WORTH IT! We saw a lot of sights in Washington DC, this one is by far my favorite!

Now! What is so special about Mount Vernon?

Mount Vernon was George Washington’s home. There is a lot of history here and your tour guide will walk around the outside and inside of the house. There is a lot to see inside this mansion, and there is a lot to see outside around the Mount Vernon Estate.


The property and land around the Mount Vernon Estate is breath-taking. Especially if you go during the fall when the leaves are changing.

The trees and fall colors with the Patomic River in the backdrop create a beautiful and peaceful scene that is hard to leave at the end of the day.

The property is full of gardens and walkways where one can relax and take in the peace and nature.

As you can see, there is a lot to see around the property. Going to Mount Vernon Virginia during the fall allows you to take in the beauty of the fall colors and turning trees. However, if you were to go during the spring, I am sure the blossoms and spring colors around this area would be equally impressive.


Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the inside of Mount Vernon, but if you do a Google search, you may be able to see some interior pictures. I have a better idea, GO IN PERSON!

The inside looks as it side back in the day. It is interesting to see the choice of architecture, floor plan, and colors inside the home. Even though it is a mansion, every room has a coziness to it. You don’t have large open rooms like you have in houses today. There are several medium to small rooms in each room of the house.

If you spend the extra money on the premium tour tickets, which I highly recommend, you will get to see additional rooms other than what you get with the standard tour, and you also get to tour the cellar (basement) and learn about the history of what took place below the residence.

How to Get There

Even though my wife and I took public transportation via a combination of buses and trains, I recommend renting a car for the day. It takes a couple hours to take public transportation there and only about 45 minutes by car. If you are dead set on saving money and taking public transportation, visit my blog post about the Washington DC Metro system.


A few recommendations:

  • Book in Advance, especially during peak season as tickets have sold out before.
  • On the Mount Vernon Tours website, buy premium tickets since you will get a better and more in depth tour with additional room visits in the house and additional tours outside the house
  • If you are visiting during the fall, winter, or spring, be sure to dress for the weather. For those of you visiting from a dry climate, don’t under estimate a day with temperatures in the 50s for the high. It doesn’t seem that cold in a dry climate, in a humid climate, it feels much colder. Bring a coat, scarf, and gloves.
  • if you are visiting during the summer, dress lightly and bring lots of water. The temperature is high, and so is the humidity. Bring an umbrella just in case you get caught in a thunderstorm with heavy downpours.
  • Bring a camera, you cannot take pictures inside, but you can take lots of pictures outside.

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