Why I Travel and Why You Should Travel

I have met some people who have never left the state where they live, I feel sorry for these people.    I have few people that have traveled the world extensively and have seen more than most will see in their life time, I am happy for these people, I also envy them a little bit in all honesty.

Traveling opens our minds and literally expands our horizons, especially international traveling.  Anyone who has traveled to other countries will tell you that they will never see the world the same again.  They will even see their own home town and their own culture differently than they did before traveling internationally.

Traveling enriches our lives and our view of the world.  It opens up a world of curiosity to learn even more about the world around us and the many cultures that dot our planet.  Once you visit one foreign country, you will want to visit another, then another, and soon you have a long list of countries you want to visit and it’s an addiction that is not satisfied until your next fix; another vacation.

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